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Adjustable Hawley Retainer
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Adjustable Hawley Retainer

There are some retainer types available keep the new alignment of teeth after braces. One of them is Hawley retainer which is made of bendable wire and acrylic that is worn over the front of teeth. You can this retainer in a wide variety of styles and colors so you will still be able to look fashionable when wearing this appliance. Hawley has becomes one of the best final retention devices. People like to wear Hawley because it is adjustable. Moreover, it is easy to clean and generally it lasts long as long as you give it proper care. What people don’t like about Hawley is its visibility.

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The Advantages of Hawley Retainer

When you decide to wear Hawley as your retainer, you should learn how to properly clean it so it can last longer. Actually cleaning your Hawley is simple. It needs to be cleaned twice a day in the morning and night when you are brushing your teeth. Use a toothbrush with soft bristle and lukewarm tap water. Some people clean Hawley with toothpaste but it is actually not recommended. It is better to use mild hand soap. Brushing teeth are best done after eating. However if it is not possible for you to brush directly, for example when you are at work at school, you can just rinse your mouth with water. Make sure there is no food remaining that can develop into plaque. If necessary, you can use Strident, Retainer Brite, or other plate cleaning tablets.

After your orthodontist prescribes you Hawley retainer, you will get not only the retainer but it also comes along with a case, a baby toothbrush, and a sample of plate cleaning tablets. If you need more, you can buy them from the reception desk in the dental office. The retainer can lose or break. The problem can be caused by several factors. It mostly happens as you do not place your Hawley properly. Make sure you always look in the mirror to place the retainer in the right position. Make sure it always feels tight. Whenever you feel the retainer is not fitting well in your mouth, come see your orthodontist so the problem can be soon fixed. You need to pay some money to get it fixed.

In the first few days of wearing a new retainer, you will produce much saliva than usual but it is normal so you do not need to worry. Sometimes speech is altered. As you get accustomed to the retainer those problems will be gone. What you need is just time and practice. If the retainer affects your speech, do reading out loud for ten minutes a day and in a few days, you can speak normally.

How long Hawley retainer should be worn? Just like another retainer, it should be worn almost a whole day. It is removed only while eating, brushing, and doing sport. Note that the more frequent you remove your retainer, it will work less effectively. The worst thing is your teeth position gets relapsed and the brace is needed.