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Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles – Let’s admit it. Most people, especially those who lives in U.S., are reluctant to have their teeth checked if they are not covered by insurance. This happens in most States cities, including Los Angeles, California.

Statistics have shown that many people in LA chose to ignore their routine dental checkup. The reason is pretty obvious, money. Many people are not applying for dental insurance because of the belief that the regular health insurance given from their workplace is sufficient.

Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles
Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles

One in four people in California have cavities, a condition that means only one thing: they rarely visit the dentist. There have been many cases when people have to replace their teeth with dental implant in Los Angeles, due to the accumulated and irreversible problems in their teeth.

When the damage is too severe, it is often that the only solution is tooth extraction. However, your dentist usually recommends you to replace your teeth. There are many options to choose from, but dental implants is the best option available to date, simply because the technology used can prevent bone loss in your jaw bone and it aesthetically perfect.

One major problem with dental implants procedure is the high cost. Many people wants to get affordable dental implants in Los Angeles, but they don’t know where to look. Therefore, today we are going to share some of the possible places and some possible tricks to get the affordable dental implants in LA. We are also going to give you other alternative and rather unpopular ways to get a low cost dentist los angeles service.Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles Options

Affordable Dental Implants Los Angeles Options

The first and most plausible option to get a cheaper service is from dental schools. In general, dental school los angeles offer a great service with reduced cost. However, not every dental school in Los Angeles offers dental implants. Make sure to make a call and ask whether they offer such service first before you make an appointment. The downside of the dental school clinics is the time taken for the whole process. Two of the most famous dental schools in Los Angeles that may offer dental implant services are the UCLA School of Dentistry and USC School of Dentistry.

You may also ask whether they are offering new clinical trials for new procedures or devices. Usually, dental implants are one of them. To learn more about the dental trials and find the list in the United States, you can go to

For a more “unorthodox” way to fix your teeth with dental implants, you can try the ones that are offered in the billboards. Usually the price of a dental implant offered is around $400, which is $600 cheaper compared to the professional dental implant. However, we cannot recommend such service due to the questionable implant quality.

There have been some reports saying that the cheap dental implants often cause implant complication cases. Therefore, it comes with a higher risk. Usually these are low quality implants. For your reference, some of the good companies in dental implant industry are Straumann, Keystone, Zimmer Dental, Aztratech Dental Implants, Nobel Biocare, and Biomet.

Other affordable and cheap dental implants in los angeles option is to go south to Mexico. In general, the dentist services there aren’t as expensive as here in the United States. The downside is that you have to travel outside Los Angeles and you can’t really tell whether the clinic is good or not.

I hope this short reviews of Affordable Dental Implants in Los Angeles help you who live in L.A.


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