Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces over Traditional Braces

What is Self Ligating Braces ? – Braces are dental appliances worn over the teeth to have them straightened. Traditional braces and self-ligating braces actually give the same result but they also have some differences. The most visible difference is their look. Braces in traditional style have obvious clunky metal and elastic bands. These make the braces look bulky, making people wearing them often feel not confident. Self-ligating braces, however, do not have elastic bands and the braces are not as bulky as the traditional type. Because of this, most people feel more comfortable with self-ligating brace type. They are still visible but not as visible as traditional braces.

self ligating braces pros and cons benefits of self-ligating braces over traditional braces

Self Ligating Braces Pros and Cons

Achieving the same result, the way these two types of braces work to align teeth in a straight position is different. When wearing traditional braces, you need to go to a dental office every four to six weeks to have the braces tightened. The elastic band also needs to be repositioned. During the first week of wearing the appliance and every time after it is tightened, most people get sore mouth. Self-ligating braces, on the other hand, do not require tightening as its new technology in a way the braces use a small spring-loaded door that gives less pressure on the arch wire to adjust the teeth alignment gently. It means that you can save time to go to your orthodontist. Dental appointment is still needed but much less often and shorter than with traditional braces. Not only do fewer appointments save your priceless time, they also save your money. Also, due to the less pressure, self-ligation causes less pain.

In order to make room for a crowded tooth when people want to get traditional braces, several teeth should be extracted. Although in some cases, self-ligation method also requires teeth extraction, it is less often than with traditional braces. Besides, the need for using expander after the braces are removed can be reduced.

What about cleaning self-ligating braces? With traditional braces, cleaning teeth becomes a hard thing to do. The bands that come with the braces make it difficult to reach the area around and under them. The bands can easily trap foods. Without proper cleaning, bacteria can grow and cause plaque buildup. Just like traditional braces, self-ligating ones, as well as other dental appliances, also need cleaning. But the absence of elastic bands in self-ligating braces make cleaning much faster and easier.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that braces with self-ligation method offer a number of benefits that traditional braces don’t. The benefits include less obvious look, fewer dental appointments (which leads to money saving), shorter treatment, reduced pain, less possibility of teeth extraction and expander use, and easy cleaning. Many people are also more satisfied with the result as self-ligating braces give a more natural final look that traditional braces do. You can opt for these braces if you don’t want to deal with a hassle regular braces give. However compared to regular braces, self-ligation braces are typically a bit more expensive.