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Ceramic Braces Cost, The Facts And The Alternative Guide

For some parents like you, their kids need braces and when you have a plan to apply it for your kids; you may want to know the cost of ceramic braces. Well, ceramic braces basically are good option especially for teens who afraid and dislike about their look when they have to use metal braces.

It is true that the ceramic braces are identical to metal braces but they are from tooth-colored materials so that it seems invisible since it can blend in with the teeth. Ceramic braces are less visible, and therefore the cost can be more expensive than the other models.


Ceramic Braces Cost, How Much You Have To Spend?

The price range is from 4,000 to 8,000 dollars. But, it can be more expensive compared to the traditional metal braces which are about 3,000 to 7,000 dollars. Basically it depends on the treatment you want to get for your kids. Ceramic braces supports faster movement of their teeth compared to other invisible brace models such as Invisalign. On the other hand, the ceramic braces are easy to stain if you are not good to take care of.

The fact about the cost to get ceramic braces

  1. It is expensive because the material

Metal braces are from stainless steel and therefore it is cheaper than the ceramic. Pay attention for the difference in the material.

  1. You spend your money to get that “invisible”

You have to spend more money than other braces simply because ceramic braces give les visibility. It works for kids who shy to speak and smile when they use metal braces. Ceramic braces are the solution to deal with their feelings.

  1. Prepare next budget for maintenance

Ceramic braces cost doesn’t stop there, after applying the braces. Even you have to save some dollars and then keep it for the maintenance. Your kids have to meet the orthodontists quite often to do it. It is also not as strong as metal which means that if there are chips and cracks, you need to pay to repair it.

  1. The costs are various

The costs really depend on the condition of the kids’ teeth that should be corrected, their age and the location.

  1. Ceramic braces are not the most expensive

What is more than the cost of ceramic braces? The aligners, the removable trays custom fit to teeth.

The alternative options

It is not the only option if you want to treat your kids to get braces especially if you have a concern on its invisible design. We have you the alternative here:

  1. Clear plastic aligners

It is like traditional braces such as Invisalign that will shift teeth for a correct position. It just like a clear plastic mouthguard and it is not being glued to the teeth. Your kids can wear it while drinking and eating but it can be more expensive compared to traditional braces.

  1. Lingual braces

Definitely it is similar to traditional braces but they are placed on the back of the teeth, so it is not at the front. This helps the braces invisible but of course it is one of the pricey alternatives among traditional braces with the cost from 8,000 to 10,000 dollars. However, it works slower to shift teeth, harder to clean and a bit uncomfortable if you compare it with other models.

It is important to talk with your kids first if you have a plan to apply ceramic cost. Put the ceramic braces cost aside, if she agree about your idea, you only should let her to go with her own options.