Clear Correct vs Invisalign: Which one is Better?

Before Invisalign was introduced about 15 years ago, people still relied on the use of traditional metal braces to set their crooked teeth straightened. Until today, traditional braces are still used but Invisalign is also getting more popular. People who are allergic to metal find Invisalign very helpful. Nowadays, Invisalign is not the only alternative to traditional braces. There are some other options. One of them is Clear Correct. Invisalign and Clear Correct are both invisible options for people who want to have their teeth realigned.


Which Is Better Clear Correct Vs Invisalign

Invisibility is not the only thing people seek from clear retainers. People choose Invisalign or Clear Correct over regular braces because of some other reasons. They find that clear removable retainers are more comfortable. In addition, compared to traditional braces, they cause less difficulty in eating. There are no issues with food getting stuck. That is why people opt for removable clear retainers. However in patients with complex dental problems, traditional braces are still more effective.

There are debates about Clear Correct vs Invisalign. In order to decide which the best appliance for you to use, it is best to consult your orthodontist. These two brands have both similarities and differences. You must have heard a lot about Invisalign because this brand has been around for many years. Many people have used it and felt the result. Clear Correct, just like Invisalign, is also a type of removable clear aligners. Since it is a new brand, you might not have heard about it a lot. Invisalign and Clear Correct have many things as common. They are both designed to be invisible. People won’t tell if you are wearing braces because they are made of clear plastic. They are also removable. Therefore, they can be cleaned easily. Both products are worn a whole day but can be removed whenever you are eating and brushing. In order to achieve the best result, always wear them. You can remove them only when eating, brushing, or flossing. If you take them off too often, they won’t work effectively.

The other similarity is about how they work to straighten teeth. They adjust the teeth in a series of increases. The first aligner is used for a period of time, let say for 2-4 weeks. After that, a new aligner is used for the next phase of treatment. The length of treatment varies depending on how your current teeth alignment looks like. Looking at the progress after each treatment, your dentist will determine how long the treatment needs to be taken.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that Invisalign and Clear Correct are quite alike. There are only a few unsubstantial differences. Invisalign is produced by a global company while Clear Correct is manufactured by a USA company. Although both products are manufactured worldwide, Invisalign is more widely available. Clear Correct is a new product so it is less popular than Invisalign. However, Clear Correct is more affordable while performing the same task and giving the same result as Invisalign. Consult your dentist which corrective appliance is best for you.