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Cost Of Tooth Implant In USA

Cost Of Tooth Implant In USA – You have extracted your teeth due to the pain and irreversible damage it has. Now you’re looking for a replacement and found out that dental implants are the best option. You’re now interested, but asking about how much is the cost of tooth implant in USA?

Before we continue about average price of a tooth implant procedure, let’s brief through the two sides of tooth implants.

mini-dental-implant-cost-and-procedures Cost Of Tooth Implant In USA

Tooth Implants: Pros and Cons

The reason why many dentists think that the tooth or dental implants is the best solution for you is because it really acts like a real tooth replacement. With correct implant procedure you will feel like you are not wearing an implant. It feels so natural and looks like a perfect real teeth. It also acts like a real teeth and require little maintenance. However, the most obvious and important advantage is that the tooth implant last very long and it is very stable compared to other options.

Now let’s see through the risk and the cons of tooth implants. The medical risk of tooth implant is relatively small, because the success rate is very high. Around 95% of people have had a successful tooth implant procedure. That said, it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t list the risk. With a small chance of probability, the risk of tooth implant are pain, swelling and bleeding due to surgery, numbness of nearby muscles, infection, and sinus cavity. But for most people, the biggest drawback of all is the cost.

As you may have known, cost of dental implant in USA is pretty high compared to some other countries. The tooth implant is one of the most expensive dental procedures in USA. It is far higher than the traditional options. In general, a single tooth implant along with a crown will cost you around $1000 to $3000.

But this is not the standard. You should also consider additional procedures that may be needed. Your dentist will tell you whether you will need extractions, necessary teeth modeling, or bone grafts. If you do, the price might go even higher. Usually your dentist will provide the estimation of the cost after you make an appointment with him and have an early examination.

That’s not all the factor that determines the total cost of the tooth implant. The total cost you have to pay is heavily influenced by several other factors aside of that additional service we mentioned above, including:

  • The cost of surgery, such as sedative etc
  • The number of teeth needed to be replaced
  • The dentist’s experience
  • The implant brand
  • The creation of prosthodontics

The Average Cost of Tooth Implant in USA

The first thing to do when you decide to have a tooth implant is to contact your dentist. The price we’ve been talking about is not the total cost. In average, teeth implants cost in USA people who are having a single tooth implant spends around $4300 in total. The average cost of a dental implant of a 3-4 teeth bridge with two implants is $8500.

Your dentist –after a careful examination –will be able to give you the estimated cost. You can also ask for the payment options available. Sometimes, there are discount plans available for this kind of things.

I hope with this short reviews regarding tooth implant cost in USA will help for your tooth health.