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Cost of Tooth Implant Surgery

Dental Reconstruction Surgery Costs – A dental or tooth implant is basically a titanium device planted in your jawbone that is responsible to support artificial teeth. Although up until today dental implants remain as the all-in-one solution for dental replacement, the price is still shockingly high for most people. Today’s post is going to talk all about it, from how much does the average tooth implant cost in United States to the reason why it can be so expensive.

How Much Does Dental Implant Surgery Cost

There are various aspects that can affect the dental implant cost. In general, average dental implant cost around $800 to $7000. It is expensive, yes, but it is also aesthetically similar to the other teeth you have, and it usually last a lifetime. Needless to say, the price range for dental implants may differ from person to person. Your need of medical tooth implant surgery may not be the same with other people.

It is often that the process of dental implants is often underrated, and people only focus on the dental implant as an object that is placed to your jaw, just like that. This is an understatement, because the work of an orthodontist or oral surgeon when placing a tooth implant is pretty complicated. A 2 millimeters error could result in unsuccessful implant, giving horrible pain to the patient over the years because it is implanted to a living tissue that is full of nerves and blood vessels.

In short, tooth implant is simply a medical device. The cost of tooth implant surgery is very high because you are buying the excellent service from the dentist, orthodontist, or the oral surgeon. Usually, the more experienced dental professional you are using the service with, the higher the cost.

Average Cost of Dental Implant Surgery

Average Cost of Dental Implant Surgery

There are several other factors that play a role in determining the average cost for tooth implant you have to pay, including:

Additional procedure that may apply

Although there are some cases where the tooth implant can be placed right away, most of the cases have insufficient bone height and width in the implant area. To adjust this condition, usually your dentist will perform bone grafting to make the jaw bone suitable for the titanium implant. Expect to pay extra hundreds of dollars for this procedure.

Types of implants

The different types of implants you choose have different price. For mini-implants, which are around 2 mm in diameter, cost less than the regular and more resilient standard implants. For your information, the standard implants diameter is around 3-6 mm and the height is 6-14 mm.

How many teeth are replaced

The number of teeth needed to be replaced makes another variation in the cost. In general, if you are replacing just one implant crown, expect to pay around $1000 to $3000. Several teeth replacement may cost you around $4000 to $22000.

Although you are prepared on the high cost, it would be wise if you’re careful when choosing the dentist office to do this. Some dentist offices may charge ridiculous prices for their services. Do not use their services if they charge you more than $3000 per single implant and crown, unless you have to undergo a bone grafting procedure first.

I hope this short reviews of cost of dental implant surgery help you when choosing dental implant procedure.