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Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express Review

The Crest Whitestrips, which is also known as Crest 3D White is a famous whitening strips available widely in United States. We have gathered and concluded some of the real reviews of Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express Review.

The Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express is one of the six variants offered by Crest. What makes this one different compared to the other Crest Whitening Strips products? How well can it whiten your teeth? How about those who have teeth sensitivity? How long will the effect last? All of these questions will be answered shortly in the review.

Although their other whitening products sell pretty well, the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express is the one that drives the company. The Crest whitestrips clean both of the outer and beneath enamel surface, allowing it to remove stains from your teeth. Ultimately you will get a brighter smile. The results can be seen in about one hour after usage.

Crest Whitestrips Reviews

Crest Whitestrips Reviews

Side Effect of the Crest Whitestrips

First of all, the company said that the active ingredients on the Crest Whitestrips 1 Hour Express is based on the same enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredients used by the dentists. However, because hydrogen peroxide is basically an ingredient with corosive properties, there may be some slight discomfort or sensitivity during a few hours of usage.

We would also like to point out that people who have a sensitive teeth prior to using the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour should avoid using this product. Instead, you are recommended to use their other product named the Crest 3D Gentle Routine. That one is made specifically for people with sensitive teeth, but wants to whiten their teeth.

Advantages of the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Expres

Here are some of the best advantages that highlight the product’s benefit:

  1. A very strong grip to your teeth.
  2. Comfortable teeth whitening experience at home
  3. Although it is pricey compared to other whitening strips, the results are comparable to the dentist work

Another benefit that is present in the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour express compared to the other Crest products is how fast the product give you a noticeably whiter teeth. See, other Crest whitestrips variants produce noticeable results after three days, but this 3D 2 Hour Express strips will produce noticeable result in just two hours.

So to sum it up, nearly everyone who have tried the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express said positive things in their review. The only downside of this product is that it is not suitable for people with sensitive teeth to begin with.

It’s a great way to immediately whiten your teeth if you have a sudden event. The whitening effect of the Crest Whitestrip 3D 2 Hour Express should last for about three months. Remember, do not overuse them because they contain Hydrogen Peroxide that –with excessive use– can cause teeth sensitivity. It is best to consult your dentist first before you decide to use them. Another quick tip is to avoid drinking or eating during the process even though the company said that it’s ok. Share comments about the Crest Whitestrips 3D 2 Hour Express review below!