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Crossbite Treatment Options

A crossbite occurs when the top teeth are slightly over the lower teeth. It happens because the jaw is not properly aligned. This condition can cause several problems. Fortunately, because of modern medicine supported with advance technology, crossbites can be easily corrected with a number of orthodontic treatments that a dentist or orthodontist offers.

posterior crossbite correction crossbite treatment options

Treatment for Crossbite

Before getting into details about some procedures to fix crossbites, it is better to know what cause crossbites. Most crossbites are hereditary but they are not always genetic condition. Even when the parents do not have crossbite, the children can suffer from this oral disorder due to some habits like long-term thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Young children often do these two activities. These activities can eventually distort the palate and give pressure to the teeth so they grow crooked. Crowded teeth can result in damaged jaws. When the jaws are damaged, they will not grow properly so they need to be fixed immediately.

It is crucial to fixing a crossbite because it can affect your ability to do routine tasks such as eating and talking. Some people know that they have a crossbite but because they feel fine about it, they do not treat it. Although crossbites do not cause problems in the present (perhaps just the cosmetic problem) it is likely that they will cause a problem in the future because untreated crossbites can make the jaw grow larger than the other, lead to worse problems. When one jaw gets larger, the jaw joint cannot function normally. Therefore, jaw correction is necessary. The two most common options for crossbite treatment are braces and palate expander. If these two treatments do not work, then jaw surgery is the option.

Braces and palatal expander are the first solutions recommended by your dentist to fix your crossbite. Braces can be made of ceramic or metal. Some of them are designed to be invisible to. Invisible braces are perfect for those who do not feel confident wearing bulky metal braces. Braces are suitable for adults while palatal expander works effectively in children. The device is attached to children’s mouth, precisely in over the teeth in the back of the mouth. Parents should help their child to activate the expander by turning the key on the expander. It will gradually widen the jaw as it grows so perfectly aligned permanent teeth is achieved. Your child might experience the feeling of pressure and soreness but the discomfort will soon go away.

For highly severe crossbite case that cannot be fixed by braces or palate expander, surgery is the only option. The surgery aims to expand the bones of your jaw. The best time to take jaw surgery is before 18 years old or before the facial bones fuse. Deciding to take surgery can be a tough decision. Not only does it cost a lot of money, the surgery also requires much time to heal. Speak to your dentist to get more information about the procedure of treatment and what to expect from it.