Damon Braces vs Traditional Ones

Damon braces review – Everyone wants to have a perfect set of white teeth and a healthy smile that makes them confident during the day. However, some people have to experience dental challenges such as a bad bite, crooked teeth, and other dental problems that they have to wear braces to realign their teeth or take other orthodontic options.  The discomfort of traditional braces is really annoying.  The best alternative for them is Damon braces. What makes Damon braces different from the traditional ones? These appliances are actually attached to the teeth as the same way as traditional braces. However, they work with a slide mechanism that lets the teeth realign naturally in a much shorter time compared to traditional braces. That is why they are more comfortable to wear.

damon clear braces vs traditional braces bracket system damon braces vs traditional ones

Damon Braces Vs Traditional Braces

Traditional braces cause pressure on teeth as the brackets tighten the teeth to adjust their position progressively. Damon braces, on the other hand, cause less force and pressure due to their slide brackets that are connected with memory wire. Less pressure means less pain. But it does not mean that you won’t feel pain at all during the first few days, only they are not as painful as traditional metal braces. Sometimes, they may cause irritation too but everything feels normal as you get used to them.

Perhaps the only downside of Damon braces is their expensive price. While traditional braces only cost $1500-$5000, Damon braces may cost from $3800-$8000. Although Damon braces are not cheap, many people prefer them to traditional metal braces due to other benefits. Not only do they cause less pain, they also cause less friction that eliminates the risk of tooth decay.

Besides, they require less in-dental-office-maintenance. When you wear orthodontic braces, you need to have them manually adjusted and check regularly by your orthodontists. While traditional metal braces should be adjusted every month, Damon braces just need to be adjusted once in about two months. In addition, they offer faster treatment, about 7 to 8 months earlier than traditional braces that can take 2 years. Furthermore, Damon braces have fewer places for bacteria to build up.

According to clinical studies, Damon braces system can work more effectively especially when there are more complex crowding. Usually, when considering an alternative for traditional braces, people will go to Invisalign. It might be a good option for those who need only mild teeth correction. But, Invisalign cannot work effectively for severe crowding. Damon braces are recommended because they can be used effectively in a short time without much pain and pressure. The most frequent question when people plan to have orthodontic braces is whether they are invisible or not. Just like traditional braces which are available in a variety of colors, even the one that matches your enamel color, making them less visible, Damon braces also have the transparent-look version called Damon clear. With this Damon clear braces, you can avoid that unattractive metal-teeth-look so you can smile confidently.

image: smilealigner.in