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Delta Dental of Michigan Review

Delta Dental of Michigan – Delta Dental has many branches in United States. One of the largest of these branches resides in Michigan area. Last year, the Delta Dental of Michigan give benefits for more than 12.1 million of its customers, that accounted for about $2.8 billion.

That is not a small number, and that proves the financial strength of the Delta Dental of Michigan. For your information, more than 60 million Americans choose the Delta Dental for their oral health. That means the Delta Dental of Michigan and its affiliates serves more than 20% of the Delta Dental customers.


Delta Dental of Michigan Advantages

The A.M. Best Company, which is a trusted company financial rating association has deemed the Delta Dental of Michigan, along with their affiliate Delta Dental of Indiana and Delta Dental of Ohio to have an excellent rating for the financial strength.

This company performance is always on positive side, and their service is excellent too. There are several reasons why the Delta Dental in Michigan gains so many customers. These reasons includes:

  • Good Reputation

The Delta Dental has good reputation amongst people of Michigan. Most of their customer are satisfied with the service and claiming procedures.

  • Large network

Being a PPO dental, it is important for Delta Dental to have a huge number of dentists participating in their network. The larger the PPO dental provider network, called the Delta Dental Premier Network, allows the customers to have better options when choosing a dentist. In general, almost every dentist in Michigan area participate in the Delta Dental Premier Network of Michigan. Just ask around, and then you’ll see that about 9 out of 10 dentist you see will answer that they participate in this network. More than 5,000 Michigan dentists are included in the PPO dental network. That is the largest network offered by a dental company in Michigan area.

  • Reasonable dental plan

If there’s one thing that makes Delta Dental is one of the best dental company in the nation, it’s the product. The Delta Dental has several plans that cover wide range of services, including preventive, diagnostic procedures to more complicated dental health care procedures. Although the price may be a bit higher compared to some other dental company, but it is still prety affordable for most Americans and the large network compensates for it.

Here are some of the common FAQs for dental products from Delta Dental of Michigan:

Like other dental company products, the Delta Dental has waiting periods. Make sure you read the full coverage details first. In general, there are no waiting periods for preventive care and checkups. Some of the exclusions in the Delta Dental plans are orthodontic services like braces, implants, and other cosmetic procedures.

Depending on the plan you choose, there may or may not be a deductible, and the annual maximum also varies depending on your plan. To learn more about what Delta Dental of Michigan offers, you can visit their offices at Okemos or Farmington Hills.