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Dental Hygienist Requirements in Texas - Dental Health Care Guides
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Dental Hygienist Requirements in Texas

Being a promising career options as it is in Texas, there are many people asking about dental hygienist requirements in Texas. Recent survey report shows that the annual median salary for Dental Hygienist in Texas is at $67,530 per year. Although this number is a little below the national median salary, it is still a very promising job with the lowest reported salary at $51,000 and the highest reported salary at $73,430.

The career outlook for dental hygienist in Texas is very promising too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the 2010-2020 job outlooks for this profession will grow around 28%. This number is higher than the average growth of all jobs in United States.

Dental Hygienist Requirements in Texas – Education and Licensing

You should have a high school diploma. Students with good marks on chemistry, health, math and biology are much preferred by dental hygiene program in dental school in Texas. Call your preferred hygiene degree program management and ask about their minimum requirements, because the ACT score and GPA requirement can vary from one school to another. Higher GPA means higher chance you will be accepted in the dental hygiene program.

Consider getting a degree from an accredited dental program in Texas. In general, the most common degree used in this field is associate degree, with several required courses such as anatomy, clinical science, pharmacology, chemistry, and physiology. Currently, there are 22 accredited dental schools to choose from in Texas State. Which one to choose? Read on for more.

Requirements for Dental Hygienist in Texas

Requirements for Dental Hygienist in Texas

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose Collin County Community College (with tuition fee of $1,024 in-district, $2,044 in-state, $3,694 out-of-state) or Tarrant County College District (with tuition fee of $1,296 in-district, $1,994 in-state, $4,512 out-of-state). Bachelor degree pursuer can go to Texas Woman’s University with tuition fee of $7,050 in-state, $17,082 out-of-state. This data is based on the NCES College navigator data that was taken last year. The tuition fee may be different now, so make sure you contact the college’s office to learn about the latest information.

In general, dental hygienist requirements in Texas are similar with other States in United States. You have to be, licensed by passing two examinations. The first one is the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination, and after that you have to pass the Texas regional dental hygiene exam. Usually, the national examination for dental hygienist is a written exam, while the regional test will include a demonstration of clinical skills.

In Texas, make sure to prepare these documents, because the Texas law requires you to submit them:

  1. A complete and notarized Application for Texas Licensure
  2. Required application fee as indicated on application
  3. All documents as indicated on applicable licensure application
  4. SBDE Jurisprudence Assessment for Initial Licensure Certificate of Completion.

For more technical dental hygienist requirements in Texas, you can visit the official site for Texas State Board of Dental Examiners at this link:

Remember, it requires more than just education degree and clinical skills to excel as a dental hygienist in Texas. Professionals with good interpersonal and communication skills are the ones who are in the fast lane of success. You can improve these skills by attending speech courses or perhaps psychology courses. I hope this article give you all the information you want about the dental hygienist requirements in Texas, and good luck with your studies.