Dental Implant for a Single Lateral Incisor

Lateral incisors are teeth that are more prone to missing than other teeth as their location is at the front of the mouth. Incisors can be missing due to several factors such as accidents and tooth damage. When the teeth are missing, a person will get difficulty in biting their food. Besides, missing teeth can make people unconfident. A dental implant can be a solution for this problem. There is a multitude of dental implant procedures. You do not need to worry about taking the procedures because dental implants for a single tooth have a very high success rate. They create a very natural look. You probably will not tell that a person has a dental implant. Moreover, the dental implant does not need special care. The dental implant serves as natural teeth so what you need to do is just regular cleaning like what you do to natural lateral incisor.

congenitally missing lateral incisors treatment dental implant for a single lateral incisor

Lateral Incisor Implant Procedure

The procedure of placing an implant for a lateral incisor starts with a small incision on gums. In this way, you dentist is able to see and reach your jawbone. The dentist will mark the area where the implant will be placed. An implant typically looks like a cylinder. It is finally inserted in the jaw through the incision. The procedure does not end there. After the insertion, it will take more or less 4 months for the jawbone to heal and to be completely fused with the implant. Then, you need to come back to the dental office so your dentist could fit the new tooth on the implant.

Some people, however, do not want to wait for 4 months to have a new tooth. It can be understood as no one will feel comfortable to have a missing tooth for months. There is an alternative for them. They can consider a single process where an implant and the attachment are fitted at the same time. This method can give you a fast result. However, you should find a highly trained dentist to perform this treatment because the failure rates are higher than the traditional method. It is also more expensive.

There are actually several types of dental implants depending on which tooth that needs to be replaced. For lateral incisors, the replacement implant is called a maxillary lateral incisor. A dental implant cost vary depending on how many teeth are needed to be replaced. Your dentist will perform X-ray to decide the number of teeth that should be replaced. Even when you think you only have a single missing tooth, sometimes there is a chance that the neighborhood teeth are also loose and need replacement as well. If this happen, it is recommended to replace all of them together because replacing some teeth at the same time is cheaper that replacing only one tooth.

The reputability of the dental practices also influence the cost of dental implant. Senior orthodontists who have a lot of experience may cost higher than those who don’t. It is important to do thorough research on the skills and reputation of the dentist to avoid surgical failure.