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Dental Nurse Network CPD

Dental Nurse Network CPD – A CPD, which stands for Continuing Professional Development is one of the many requirements that you have to fulfill in order to keep your name listed in the Dental Care Professional registration. What are the definition and the purpose of the CPD? What are the minimum requirements for dental nurse network CPD? We are going to reveal all of them to you.


CPD Definition and Purpose

The Continuing Professional Development is the hours you spend in meaningful activities that are related to your work field (in this case, registered dental nurse). These activities will be recorded in the CPD record, and it will be a part of consideration in your professional or career development as a registered dental nurse. Some examples of the CPDs are seminars, courses, lectures, individual stories, peer reviews, training days, conferences, and even reading books and journals.

The main reason for the CPD requirement is to make sure that the dental professionals, including registered dental nurse have the latest knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demand of the society. This way, the board can keep the service standard high and protect the patient in the most efficient way. At the end of the day, the aim is still good quality care and service provision.

A registered dental nurse whose CPD is met will be able to maintain the patient’s confidence in the whole service, leading the best care for the patient.

Registered Dental Nurse Network CPD Minimum Requirement

A registered dental nurse you should complete at least 150 hours of CPD in every five years. The latest regulation mentioned that the 50 hours of it have to be verifiable CPD, while the rest can be non-verifiable CPD.

In essence, non verifiable CPD are activities that are usually self-directed. This means that you don’t get documentary proof by doing it such as reading journals etc. On the other hands, the verifiable CPD are activities that give you documentary proof after completing them. Some examples are taking online CPD tests, signing up for trainings and courses, seminars and conferences.

The dental nurse network is one of the best online CPD test providers. They offer various services, which includes:

Verifiable CPD with onetime payment on a reasonable price, and you immediately get 51 verifiable CPD for one year subscription. You can complete your minimum requirement of verifiable CPD in just one year! Moreover, the site’s is available 24/7, meaning you can access them at any time you’re free. Moreover, there is a great number of non-verifiable CPD subjects for reading in their library, available for free. You don’t have to pay anything. The site also provides a nice list of courses you can take, such as dental courses, medical emergencies, alginate impression talking, practice management, dental reception, advanced impression talking, oral health education, dental nurse to manager, practical orthodontist etc.

Overall, the dental nurse CPD site offers everything you need if you are looking to fulfill your CPD requirements to keep you on the GDC registered professionals list. We hope that this explains more about the dental nurse network CPD, and we sincerely hope that it can help you.