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Denture Cleaner Options and What to Know about Them

Denture Cleaner Options – Whether you wear partial or full dentures, you should perform proper care cleaning to avoid bacteria growth that can cause gum irritation and infection. There is some daily basic denture care that everyone wearing dentures must know. The most important thing is to remove and clean the dentures every time you finish eating. This is very important to remove food residue and debris. When removing your dentures, be careful to not drop the dentures on hard surface as they can break.

Denture Cleaner Options

It is important to carefully handle the dentures so the plastic or the clasps won’t be damaged when you clean them. Just like original teeth, dentures also need to be brushed at least once a day. Brush them gently using soft toothbrush specially designed for dentures. Do not forget to clean the entire mouth too including the palate and tongue.

You also need to soak dentures in cleaning solution. This helps the dentures to keep moist in order to stay in their place. You need a denture cleaner to soak the dentures although you can also soak the dentures in water. You should consult your dentist in choosing the right denture cleanser. Each cleanser may have different use instructions so it is crucial to check the manufacturer’s instructions. There are many types of dental cleansers that you can choose such as gels, creams, and pastes. They all work for both partial and full dentures. Even, there are also denture cleaners made in the form of effervescent tablets. The tablets are dissolved in water thus the solution can be used to soak removable dentures.

Why is it important to soak dentures in denture cleaner options? It is because denture cleanser can destroy bacteria that cause irritation, odor, and infection. In addition, it also retains the shape of the dentures. Placing the denture in cleaning solution will also prevent it from drying out. When the dentures dry, they are prone to crack and break into small pieces. The dentures can be soaked in less than one hour but it can also take overnight depending on the denture cleanser that is used. As mentioned previously, using water to soak dentures is allowed. Water helps to keep the dentures moist but it doesn’t kill germs. Use cold water instead of hot water because it can change the shape of dentures.

Besides denture cleaner options that functions to soak dentures, you also need denture cleansing pastes to gently brush the dentures after being removed. Keep in mind that the dentures should be taken out of your mouth. Do not brush and apply the paste while the dentures are still worn in your mouth. Not only brushing can kill germs and food particles, it also clean any stains immediately so they do not become permanent stains that are difficult to remove. Denture wearers often combine the use of commercial denture cleaners with warm water and regular toothpaste. Some of them also use natural remedy which is fine as long as it does not contain abrasive material that can damage the dentures.