Do Braces Hurt so Much?

Does getting braces hurt – Many people say that getting braces is painful. This often makes people worry about getting braces for the first time. Those who have never worn braces might be curious how it feels to get braces. It is important to know what it may feel so you know what to do. Do braces hurt? It actually depends on what type of braces is worn and the condition of the patient. You can get braces put on in the orthodontist office. It commonly takes one to a couple of hours. The process of putting on braces into the mouth is not painful. The pain begins afterward. Some people say it is not painful but more like annoying. Usually, the pain takes up to a week or until you get accustomed to it.

how to make braces stop hurting do braces hurt so much?

How to Stop Braces from Hurting

There are several things can be done to ease the pain and reduce the discomfort. The first thing to do is to have a diet change. Avoid hard food. Instead, get used to soft foods such as mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes. You may get bored of eating such foods but it is only for a few first days. After the pain is gone, you can consume other foods. There are beverages that should be avoided. Those contain a lot of acid such as tomato or orange juice should not be included in your diet.

If the pain is unbearable, there are some over-the-counter pain killers that you can buy anytime. They usually work effectively to relieve pain. Just pay attention to the dosage. Most common pain relievers are aspirin and Ibuprofen. Just tell your problems to the pharmacist and she will give you some options. Some people who wear braces often develop mouth sore. It is caused by the wire of the braces that rub the gum. If this happens, you can rinse your mouth with salt water solution or you can buy oral anesthetic available in your local drugstore. You can also apply orthodontic wax to the brackets. Don’t ever touch the sores with your finger as your finger might transmit bacteria that can worsen the irritation.

As said before, the pain may exist for a few days but it may need a month or even more getting used to your braces. After 3 months usually people will not notice that they are wearing braces. The pain will become less severe over time and finally gone. Before that, the pain will still randomly come but it is just mild pain and only occurs in short time then it will quickly go away. You should not worry about that since it is normal. There will be a regular appointment with your orthodontist to check your braces. Don’t ever miss any single appointment.

If you are about to get braces do not feel hesitant to ask for more information especially to your orthodontist because he is the one who know your condition very well. By being informed about everything, the process of putting on and wearing braces will be easier.