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Do Root Canals Hurt Badly? - Dental Health Care Guides
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Do Root Canals Hurt Badly?

What is the first thing popping up in your mind when your dentist tells you that you need to take root canal treatment? You must be worried about the pain. Do root canals hurt? This question is always asked by patients to their dentist. A root canal is usually painful. Yes, that’s right. However, the pain you feel does not have something to do with the root canal treatment but it is caused by a tooth infection. The procedure of root canal is not painful because the dentist will inject a local anesthetic on the surgical site. The anesthetic numbs the areas around the surgical area so you won’t feel anything. After the dental work done, pain soothing medicine is given by your dentist to ease the pain. Nitrous oxide is the example of calming medicines that a dentist usually provides for his patient.

After you have root canal treatment, your tooth will be sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages any longer. However, it does not mean you will not feel any pain. Pain can occur if there is inflammation. The tooth is still sensitive for a few days after the treatment. If it gets inflamed, see your dentist immediately. He will prescribe medicines for the inflammation. Make sure you go to the same dentist who gives you treatment because he is the one who know your dental health history.

root canals treatment do root canals hurt badly?

What to Expect After Root Canal

So, when do you need a canal therapy for your tooth? You might not feel any pain and you might assume that a root canal is not necessary. Even when there is no pain, it does not mean that your tooth is okay. It can get be infected or damaged. A dentist should see it and check for what’s happening. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp of the tooth is damaged. The noticeable sign of pulp damage is the presence of fistula that looks like a pimple. It does not cause any pain but it is a kind of infection that requires treatment. Without treatment, the infection will spread to nearby tissue.

A root canal does not mean tooth removal. The aim of having root canal therapy is not to remove the roots of the whole tooth removed but to save the tooth. The procedure is to clean and shape the inside of a tooth. That’s all. This procedure is taken to make sure that all bacteria are completely removed. After having root canal therapy, the tooth needs a permanent filling or crown. Again this treatment is not painful.

In conclusion, you should not worry about the pain or root canal treatment. It is not always painful. Moreover, the treatment is mostly successful. The procedure should be pain-free because local anesthesia is used. 48 hours after treatment, pain can develop but it is common. Your dentist will prescribe painkillers to reduce the pain. After a couple of days, the pain will disappear. So, do not be afraid to take the treatment. Even when infection occurs, antibiotics often solve the problem.