Does Teething Necklace Really Work?

Teething syndrome is a common problem that infant under one-year-old often experience. For your information, babies start teething when they reach the age of 4. During the process of teething, they can feel itchy and pain on their gums as the teeth start cut through the gums. They might go through tough time. Parents will try to seek solution so their sweethearts can get rid of the pain, from seeing a pediatrician to trying natural home remedy. Seeing a pediatrician is considered as the most helpful and effective way to deal with baby teething. However, it can cause a lot of money. Some people think that natural remedies are helpful and safe because they are made of natural materials.

Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies Does Teething Necklace Really Work?

How do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Have you ever heard about amber necklace teething? Perhaps many people are familiar with this necklace which is made of yellowish-brown pearly beads. The necklaces are now gaining popularity in the market. Many parents are interested in buying the necklaces because they are claimed as natural painkiller for baby teething. The teething amber necklace works through this mechanism: First, it is worn by the baby. The baby skin transfers the body heat to the beads so the beads produce oil containing succinic acid. The oil then is absorbed through the skin so it can relieve pain. This mechanism seems to make sense that many people believe that the amber beads are really powerful.

However, there is no research proving that teething necklace whatever the material is, whether it is amber, stone, etc., can really work as painkillers. According to many experts, there is no evidence that the succinic acid contained in the oil released by the amber beds can be absorbed through baby skin. Even if it is true, no pediatrician recommends parents to put a beaded necklace around baby’s neck. There are risks of strangulation and choking. If the bead chocks the baby, it can be a dangerous situation because it blocks the throat and the baby stops breathing. It can cause death.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that teething bead necklace should be avoided because wearing it can lead to choking and strangulation. Parents should be selective in looking for toys or devices that can cure teething problems even when the items are best-selling in Amazon and other popular commercial websites.

No parents want to see their babies suffering from pain. There is also always a pediatrician to consult with. When the problem gets severe, for example, the babies is unable to sleep, they lose appetite, keep crying, you can just contact a doctor and he will prescribe safe and appropriate medication to your babies. In addition, there are some methods can be easily done by parents in order to relieve the baby’s shooting pain. The easiest way is to give a massage with a clean finger. You can also buy teething rings that can be safely chewed by the babies. They can ease the pain so the babies can feel more comfortable.