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Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth after Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal or extraction is the solution for wisdom teeth that grow abnormally. This surgical procedure is done to overcome problems that might happen related to wisdom teeth eruption. After surgery, you can feel discomfort and painful. This is actually common to happen to anyone having a post-surgery for one to two days. However, if the pain gets intense and severe, and the pain stays for more than a few days, you should seek a medical help. It means you suffer from dry socket wisdom teeth.

home-remedies-for-dry-socket-wisdom-teeth Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth after Tooth Extraction

Symptoms of Dry Socket After Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth dry socket is not a common problem. It happens to only 3% of population of people who have their teeth extracted. Of course this condition is very disturbing because the pain won’t go away. Luckily, treating dry socket is not difficult.  Before discussing the treatment, it is better to know why this problem could happen. After the tooth is extracted, a clot is formed underneath the socket. The clot is aimed to protect the nerves and bone. The clot can get dislodged resulting to infection because air, food, and anything else enter the mouth.

There are various factors why dry sockets from wisdom teeth could occur. The first reason is smoking. Besides, poor oral hygiene can contribute to dry sockets and other oral problems. Those who take birth control pills also have higher risk of dry socket. In addition, using a straw to drink is also said to cause dry socket.

There are a number of symptoms that you can feel. Of course you will feel pain. The pain is generally felt two days after the wisdom teeth are removed. Some people do not realize that they suffer from dry socket after wisdom teeth removal. Therefore if you feel pain after dental surgery, you need to check your teeth carefully. There will be a dry-looking opening that looks like a white bone. The pain usually gets severe and unbearable. In addition to pain, bad breath or unpleasant smell also often happens.

Treating dry socket is easy. You just need some medications that include anti-inflammatory and painkiller. It does not mean that you can buy medicines on your own in a drugstore without consulting to a dentist. All of the medications that are taken should be based on the dentist’s prescription.  It is easy to find anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers in cheap prices such as aspirin and ibuprofen, but you should bear in mind that everyone has different condition. Different drugs and dosages may be given.  Usually after taking the medication, the discomfort will disappear.

In addition to doing some treatments, you should do a proper healthy lifestyle such as teeth brushing and flossing. Although these activities are considered as simple and easy activities, many people are so reluctant to brush their teeth. In fact, brushing teeth can keep the teeth clean. When the teeth are clean, bacteria that cause many problems won’t grow.  By giving more attention to oral health and hygiene, people won’t suffer from any oral problem easily.