Effective Home Remedies for Canker Sore in Mouth

Canker Sore in Mouth – A is a condition where there are painful ulcers formed on lips, gums, tongue, inside the cheeks. Vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, stress, and food allergies are factors that can raise the likelihood of canker sore in mouth. Canker sores take several days to heal and during the days you will feel the pain and all of the discomfort such as bad breath, burn sensation, and difficulty in eating and speaking. Fortunately, there are some methods to consider that you can perform at home.

how-to-get-rid-of-canker-sores Effective Home Remedies for Canker Sore in Mouth

Home Remedy for Canker Sores in Mouth

Salt water seems to be the cheapest and most famous home remedy. You can either use table salt or sea salt. Using salt water is also the easiest way to reduce the painful of the sore. What you need is just a tablespoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Take the salt into the water, stir it, and rinse your mouth with the solution. Saltwater serves as a disinfectant fluid that helps kill bacteria and relieve the pain. The solution can be used several times a day. Rinsing the mouth with this solution is an extremely painful process but it can heal rapidly.

Milk of Magnesia is also known as one of the best ways to speed up healing. You can buy Milk of Magnesia in nearby pharmacies. Pour a little amount of Milk of Magnesia into a clean cotton swab and use it to dab the ulcers. Open your mouth and allow the solution to sit on the ulcers for 5 to 10 minutes. Like salt water, this solution can also be applied for several times.

Another powerful home remedy for canker sores is alum powder. This chemical substance is safe to be used. There is no need to worry if it is swollen. Take a teaspoon of alum powder in a small cup and drop a small amount of water. Mix the solution and dip a clean cotton swab into it. Apply it on the ulcers and leave it for a couple of minutes. After that rinse your mouth with a glass of water. Alum is powerful because it can heal the sores faster than other home remedies. You can get alum powder in grocery stores. It does not only relieve the sores but also help improve the immune system.

Baking soda is another home remedy that is worth trying. Not only can it soothe the pain, it can also prevent the risk of bacteria growth. Place some amount of baking soda onto a spoon and pour few drops of water. Stir it until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the sores.

While the aforementioned remedies may cause burning sensation when you are applying them to the sores, there are other remedies that soothe the pain with no burn sensation so you will feel more comfortable when applying it. Those remedies are aloe Vera, chamomile tea, and coconut oil. The steps to use them are more or less the same as using most other remedies. Whichever method you choose, you should also perform proper oral hygiene and healthy diet altogether for better and quicker result.

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