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Retainers Invisalign, Everything You Need to Know about Invisalign Retainer
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Everything You Need to Know about Invisalign Retainer

Retainers Invisalign is a dental appliance that is worn to help fix teeth alignment. It should be worn all the time to achieve the best result except when you are eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth. If you are a smoker, the retainer should also be removed while you are smoking. At least, the retainer should be worn for 20-22 hours a day. It can be removed for special occasions but make sure the time when you are not wearing it does not exceed 4 hours in a day otherwise your Invisalign will not work effectively as desired. Remember that Invisalign will only work when it is worn. Removing the aligner too often can result in longer treatment. The worse thing your new teeth alignment may relapse if you don’t wear your aligner as suggested by your dentist, meaning you should start over from the beginning. So, if there is no good reason to take it out from the mouth, do not do that.

invisalign aligner retainer case box everything you need to know about invisalign retainer

Invisalign Aligners Treatment

Generally, a set of Invisalign aligners should be worn for about a couple of weeks but in more severe cases, it needs to be worn longer. Every month, they should be checked by a dentist so your progress can be monitored. During the checkup appointments, your dentist will look at your teeth and make some notes about your progress. He will also give additional sets of aligners to replace the old ones. If necessary, your dentist will perform tooth stripping.

You might be questioning how many sets of Invisalign aligners need to be worn. The number of aligner sets to be worn varies depending on individuals’ condition. On average, twenty to thirty sets of aligners are needed. It’s better to ask your dentist as he is the one that knows exactly how many sets you need. Sometimes, passive aligners, the ones that just hold the teeth without moving them, are used when the other aligner is working on the opposing arch. Always keep the aligners that you have worn. Although they have been replaced with new aligners, don’t throw them away. There are cases that previous aligners are re-worn.

Conventional braces are usually worn for 1 to two years. What about Invisalign? It is not much different. Treatment with Invisalign may take about a year and can be less. It depends on the orthodontic case. Again, you can ask your dentist about how long you should take the orthodontic treatment.

After the treatment with Invisalign is finished, you will have to wear retainers to prevent the teeth alignment relapsed. The most commonly used retainers and recommended by dentists are Essix and Hawley appliances. These retainers are removable. Your dentist will explain the instructions on using the retainer so you can fit it in your mouth. Another important thing is to know how to properly and safely clean your dental appliance whether it is Invisalign or retainer. Keeping the appliance clean is crucial to enhance the success of treatment. There is a specific cleaning kit to clean Invisalign so do not try to use harsh chemicals.