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Free CPD for Dental Nurses

Free CPD for Dental Nurses – CPD stands for the Continuing Professional Development, and dental nurses are required to fulfill the quota asked by the Dental Nurses association to keep their status as a registered dental nurse. There are two types of CPD, which are the verifiable CPD and non-verifiable CPD. The law requires dental health care professionals such as dental nurses and dental technicians to have at least 150 hours of CPD in five years. Out of that number, about 50 hours of them must be a verifiable CPD.

In general, the non-verifiable CPDs can be obtained free, because they are self-directed. Activities that can be considered as non-verifiable CPD are journal reading, clinical audit, personal study days, multimedia research, and many other dental-related activities that improve your knowledge.

However, problems often occurs in getting verifiable CPD. Finding verifiable CPD is not that hard, but usually you have to pay for them. Moreover, offline CPD cost is more than that. For dental nurses who live in rural areas, they have to prepare for additional costs for accommodations, including travel and food. This becomes even harder because they often had to take a break from their day-to-day job, this means less money earned.

free cpd for dental nurses

Free CPD for Dental Nurses Options

That is why cheap or free CPD for dental nurses is so popular. We have done our research and concluded that there are two places you can find free CPD for dental nurses. Those places are:

Perhaps online CPD for dental nurses is the most ideal solution in getting verifiable CPDs. You don’t have to travel anywhere, because you can access these CPDs activities after you got home and in the comfort of your house. Please do bear in mind that a small amount of money is required to for the membership of these online course providers. Most of them require annual subscription, and after you are officially registered in their system you can start looking for their free CPD for dental nurses.

For dental nurses in United Kingdom, there is a great government program called the Section 63. This program is made for general dentist, dental technicians, dental nurses, and other salaried dental services professionals. The program is funded by the UK’s Department of Health. There will be allowances that can be claimed for each Section 63’s course you attend. Check out your local Department of Health office to learn more about this opportunity. It is a great way if you decide to improve your CPD score offline.

Back to the non-verifiable CPD, there are several ways you can obtain free non-verifiable CPD for dental nurses. Online journals is the best source for this kind of CPD, because you can pace yourself and read the articles that you have interest in.

You can also form a small discussion meeting with your colleagues or even patients to talk about anything related to your dental-related job and tasks. Subjects such as patient communication, cross infection, etc. But bottom line is, always try to choose the courses or CPD that you can enjoy. Don’t forget to take a note on anything new you find.

I hope you can now get some ideas of how to get CPD for dental nurses free. Share comments under.

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