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Headgear Braces Guide And Does It Necessary?

We are pretty sure that you are known well about the look of traditional braces. But sometimes we see a device with a more complex look used by young orthodontic patients with the thicker wires outside their mouth and straps behind the neck or even over the chin. It is called headgear braces, but does it necessary?

It seems hard to believe that teeth are very solid, but the orthodontists can move it easily by the time. It is because the teeth are not directly into bone but they are supported by a structure like a hammock which is named as periodontal ligament. You can move teeth slowly to the jaw bone with a force of springy wires and elastics found in traditional braces. This is a very light and controlled force just like pulling a stick through sand.


Headgear Braces, How It Works and Why Should Apply?

How can you pull a stick through sand? It is quite easy and anyone can do it if you have firm anchorage such as your legs and then bracing against a rock. If we go back to teeth, basically the back teeth work as the support with the large and multiple roots. But, of course it is not enough to use only back teeth as the support.

When there is a large space between teeth is closed, such as the back teeth pulled forward and the front teeth are pulled back, of course it only leads to bite problems and bad alignments. Other may experienced the necessity to get their front teeth to be pulled forward, not to pull them back. This is why headgear braces are necessary since back teeth couldn’t help.

If you see some headgear braces come out with a strap trough neck or head, it works as the anchorage by using the entire head. There is also other types such as “reverse pull” headgear with the strap over the forehead or the chin to pull the teeth forwards. Even, headgear gives positive impact to support the facial structure growth properly. This is the basic reason that you commonly see it on preteens because their growth is still incomplete.

Headgear braces are commonly worn for about 12 hours per day, so it is clear that there is a limited period. In some stories, some appliances don’t go with the headgear but temporary anchorage devices (TADS) which are recommended. TADS basically are tiny screws and implanted to jawbone with minimal and invasive procedure but do the same function.

We can say that the orthodontic headgear doesn’t give your kids a good-looking, but it works best to move teeth to the proper positions quickly, even in short period of time. This is the power of patience where after that you will see a great-looking smile. It works for parents who think that it doesn’t matter if you have to support your kids wearing this “weird” device as what people are thinking about. It is all the matter of time so your kids don’t have any problem with teeth alignment to have proper facial structure growth.