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How Long does Novocaine Last and How to Get Rid of the Numbness
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How Long does Novocaine Last and How to Get Rid of the Numbness

How Long does Novocaine Last – Novocaine is one kind of anesthesia used in some dental procedures such as in cavity fillings and root canal. The use of anesthesia is aimed to prevent pain by numbing the area. Before giving Novocaine or other local anesthesia, your dental surgeon will dry the area that is going to be injected and swab it with a gel so it becomes numb. After that, he will inject the Novocaine. Most patients usually do not fell anything but soon after, they will feel like being stung by an insect as the anesthetic moving into the gum tissue.

How Long Does Novocaine Last

How Long Does Novocaine Last after a Filling?

Because of the local anesthetic, the dental treatment won’t be painful. So, how long does Novocaine last? It depends on at least two factors. The first is how much you are given the Novocaine and the second is the location of the treatment. An injection of Novocaine normally lasts for one to two hours for the tooth. However, it might number your tongue, face, and lips up to five hours, or three hours at least.

Most people do not like the sensation of numbness because it is very uncomfortable. Before the effect completely wears off, it can be a bit difficult to eat, drink, and speak clearly. The time when you want to carry on a conversation or get hungry is a bit frustrating, then. You will feel like you want to bite down the numbed area to reduce the numbness. I tell you it will not work. Instead, biting down the numbed area can make things worse as it can cause damage without you noticing it. Because of the discomfort after the injection that can last up several hours, many people want to get rid of the numbness as soon as possible. In fact, the numbness will natural wear away. You just need what is called as patience. The simple way is to take a nap. When you sleep, you won’t realize that time flies. When you get up, you will find the numbness is gone.

Are there things we can do to make the return faster? Luckily, the answer is yes. You can try either some home remedies or taking medication from your dentist. Let’s start with the home remedies first. You can massage the skin around your mouth gently. For example, use your fingers to rub the area around your jaw and gums. Remember not to do it vigorously. Being active is also a way to make the numbness goes away faster. Doing activities like going for a bike or performing some household chores can encourage blood circulation and this can speed up the process of breaking down and metabolizing the anesthesia from your body.

If the home remedies do not work and you still feel the numbness after seven or eight hours, it is recommended that you should see your dentist. He will first do some evaluation about your case. He might give you another injection but this one aims to reverse the effect of the anesthesia. However, the numbness-reversing injection can be costly.

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