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How Many Baby Teeth do you Lose Normally? Dental Health Care
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How Many Baby Teeth do you lose normally?

Some people do not know how many baby teeth exactly they lose and when they do, they do not know what age should the first teeth begin to fall out and when permanent teeth start to emerge to replace baby teeth. So, how many baby teeth do you lose? People normally have a set of baby teeth that consist of 20 teeth. These teeth are called primary teeth because they start to erupt when a person is still very young, less than a year old. These primary teeth consist of eight incisors, two canines, and eight morals. You will lose all of them in the same order as they come in.

Many parents are often afraid that their kids’ baby teeth do not fall out on time. Therefore, it is important for them to know what age should their kids lose their baby teeth. It is just as important as knowing when their baby teeth should emerge. By learning baby’s teething timeline, parents can tell if there is a problem so they can directly consult a dentist.

how many baby teeth do you lose

The first teeth to fall out are those that come in the first time. They are usually the lower central incisors that erupt in the age of six or seven months. The last baby teeth to appear are the second molars. They show up when kids are about 3 years old. By the time, they already have a complete set of primary teeth. Their teeth stay in place for about three years until the kids reach the age of 6 years. Between 3 and 6 years, there usually not much happens. After they reach 6 years old, their incisors begin to fall out. By the age of 8, they will have lost all their 8 incisors.

Soon after that, you may expect that the other teeth (canines and morals) will fall out. In fact, there is typically two years pause before the rest of the teeth fall out. It means that there’s not much happen between 8 and 10 years. The last twelve baby teeth begin to fall out again between 10 and 13 years old. By the age of 13, children will not have had any baby teeth left. However, this is just an average. There are always exceptions. A few kids may lose their teeth faster or later and it is not always abnormal.

However, if your kids lose their teeth too late and not in order, it is better to visit a doctor to see whether there is a problem or not. As mentioned before, it does not always mean that there are problems. Even when there are, the dentist will soon evaluate and perform the right treatment. Common problems are crowding, tooth loss mechanism problem, and, crooked underlying teeth. In order to prevent the problems, it is suggested for parents to schedule a regular dental visit for their kids when the kids reach the age of six or seven. You do not to wait until a problem occurs to see a doctor, do you?

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