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How many Teeth are You Supposed to Have as Adults

Teeth are the hardest part of human organs. These teeth are found in the mouth. They contain calcium and have white color. Teeth hold important function in processing the foods that people eat. A human being has a set of teeth. Adults have different numbers of teeth that children do. How many teeth are humans supposed to have? Perhaps not many people know the answer of this question. Teeth start to develop when a baby reaches the age of half to one-year-old.

how many teeth are you supposed to have in your mouth how many teeth are you supposed to have

How Many Teeth do People Have

The teeth keep developing until children are approximately three years old where they have about twenty teeth. These teeth are known and called as milk teeth. These teeth do not last forever. At around six years, children will lose their teeth and new teeth will grow to replace the milk teeth. However, the number of the new teeth is no longer twenty. There are twelve additional teeth so the total number is thirty-two. Adults, therefore, should ideally have 32 teeth.

The 32 adult teeth are divided into four categories. The first one is incisors. The incisors are the most visible ones because their position is at the front of the mouth, on the upper and lower part. On the top, there are four and so are on the bottom line. So, the total number of incisors is four. Incisors are responsible for biting foods. People have their first incisor when they’re about 6 months. As explained above, the baby incisors are replaced with adult incisors usually in the age of 6 years or so. After you reach the age of 9, other teeth types start to appear. Canines are the teeth that appear after incisors. The characteristics of canines are sharp, long, and pointed. Canines have some other names such as fangs and dog teeth. Their function is to tear food apart. There are four canines flanking the incisors. Two canines are located in the upper arch and the two others in the lower arch.

The third type is premolars. There are eight premolars that adults have. These teeth are also called as bicuspids. The first premolar starts growing in the age of 10 to 12 years. They hold the task to grind the food so it can be easily swallowed and digested. In addition to premolars, adults also have eight molars that have a similar function as premolars.

Furthermore, adults also have third molars which are widely known as wisdom teeth. Molars are the last teeth that grow. Usually, the teeth start growing in the age of seventeen. When the wisdom teeth grow, you may feel pain. The pain is caused by the impaction which means a condition when the tooth is stuck in place. It may happen because the tooth is blocked by gums or other teeth. The problem can get worse if there is a bacterial infection. It can cause inflammation and unbearable pain. You do not need to worry about this condition as it commonly happens although not all people experience it. The pain will disappear after a few days.