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How Many Teeth do Kids Have and When They Emerge
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How Many Teeth do Kids Have and When They Emerge

How Many Teeth do Kids Have – Parents should know their baby’s teething timeline because it has something to do with the baby’s development. So when do baby teeth begin to emerge? Actually, little tooth buds start to develop under a baby’s gums even when she is still in her mom’s womb. Even a few baby already have a tooth when they’re born. Normally a baby shows her first tooth at the age of 4 to 7 months. A few baby may begin teething since they’re 3 months old. In some cases, it takes a bit longer for the first teeth to appear but it is still considered normal when the first teeth emerge not later than 1 year old. If you don’t see any signs that your one-year-old baby’s first tooth will appear, you should consult a pediatric dentist to see whether certain problems exist.

How Many Teeth do Kids Have

How Many Teeth Should Kids Have

How many teeth do kids have? Before their permanent teeth grow, kids have 20 primary teeth. These teeth are also called as baby teeth. As mentioned previously teething begins typically at the age of four to seven months. Your baby’s gums may become red and swollen, causing pain and discomfort. One important thing for parents to note is that as soon as this first tooth comes through, the habit of performing oral hygiene particularly tooth cleaning should be started. As soon as your baby reaches the age of 6 months, you can try to feed her cold soft food to ease the discomfort caused by teething problems.

The first teeth usually emerge a month later. They are usually the lower central incisors.  Then, in the seventh month, upper central incisors emerge followed by the emergence of lateral teeth. By the age of 8 to 16 months, your baby should have a complete set of central incisors and lateral incisors. The total number of the teeth is eight.

After your baby celebrates her first birthday, you can call her a toddler. In this stage, the first molars, both on the top and bottom begin to come in. Typically this happens when toddlers are 12 to 15 months old. Then, soon after they have their first molars, four canine teeth (two on the top and two on the bottom) emerge. Canine teeth are the sharp pointed teeth flanked the lateral and central incisors. Then, in the third year of their life, their second molars come through their gums, creating a full set of 20 primary teeth that consist of 4 central incisors, 4 lateral incisors, 4 canines, 4 first molars, and 4 second molars. They have smaller size and look brighter and whiter than adult teeth.

The primary teeth won’t last forever. When your kids reach the age of 4 (it is also called a preschooler stage because most kids goes to pre-school at this age), their facial bones and jaw grow, meaning that adult teeth or permanent teeth are ready to come in, replacing the primary teeth. Usually around the age of 6, the primary teeth begin to fall out and the permanent teeth start to erupt.

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