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How Many Teeth do Kids Lose and when do They Start Losing Them?
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How Many Teeth do Kids Lose and when do They Start Losing Them?

How many teeth do kids lose? Kids have 20 primary teeth called baby teeth and they will lose all of them. Generally, the teeth start to loose and eventually fall out when kids are about 6 years old. The teeth do not fall out altogether at once but usually, one by one started from the fist teeth that erupt (lower central incisors) to the last teeth (second molars). These last molars normally fall out when kids are between 9 to 12. After the teeth fall out, there will be room for permanent teeth to grow. It can also be said that permanent teeth push out baby teeth to fall out because permanent teeth look for room to emerge.

Some kids may lose their teeth too early. This condition can be caused by a number of factors such as tooth decay or accident. Losing teeth too early can lead to dental problems. The adjacent teeth may drift, filling in the empty space on the gums. Eventually, it can crowd permanent teeth. As a result, they will come in crooked. It often happens to kids. So do not wait until permanent teeth emerge to reinforce proper dental care. Some parents think just because baby teeth naturally won’t last forever, they do not need cleaning. That’s totally wrong. Right after the first teeth emerge (when babies are still about 6 or 7 months old), parents should be concerned with their kids’ oral hygiene especially dental cleaning.

How Many Teeth do Kids Lose

What Age do Kids Lose Their teeth

Some kids, probably because their parents have already told them about their teeth will fall out, feel excited to lose their teeth. Even, they cannot wait for that. Some of them even believe about a fairy-tooth coming in the night when they are sleeping, taking a tooth that the kids keep under their pillow. However, some other kids get nervous. They think that it will be painful to lose teeth. It’s the parents’ job to make sure that everything will be okay.

It may take days even weeks for loose teeth to finally fall out. During this time, the kids may feel a bit uncomfortable. You can help pull out the teeth if your kid requests it. Use a tissue to grasp the tooth and remove it. But don’t do that when the tooth is still resistant because removing it will cause pain and even bleeding. The better idea is to ask a pediatric dentist to get the tooth extracted. The dentist will not always suggest tooth extraction. If the tooth is resistant and there’s no sign that a permanent tooth is ready to come through, usually dentists will ask you to just wait until several days.

After your child loses their teeth and permanent teeth begin to replace baby teeth, proper dental care must be reinforced. It includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, eating a healthy diet, and scheduling a regular dental visit at least twice a year. If problems occur, visit a dentist more often. The proper car will minimize the risk of potential dental problems in the future.

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