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How Many Teeth Does a Human Have

Since not everyone teeth are not invisible -even in the widest smile- it is not possible to know how many teeth a specified individual has without a thorough inspection. Maybe you are curious when you have too little or too many teeth in either yours or your kid’s mouth. There’s an average amount of teeth for kids and adults.

How Many Teeth Are in a Child’s Mouth?

Actually, amount of teeth in a child depends on their age. With regard to baby or primary teeth, almost all children have 20 at maximum, including:

  • 8 incisors
  • 4 canines (also known as cuspids, or eye teeth)
  • 8 molars

Baby teeth start to fall out at about age 6 and are gradually replaced by secondary teeth until nearly age 12. A new teeth also come in throughout this time. By puberty, almost all children have 28 teeth.

In all, children have 20 baby teeth – 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. These teeth function as placeholders for the adult teeth that grow in following the baby teeth fall out. Keep in mind that merely because these teeth are destined to fall out, does not mean that they should not be cared for the same manner that adult teeth are cared for. After your child begins teething, developing healthful eating and brushing habits should begin presently. At about age 6 almost all children start to lose their baby teeth, which are subsequently replaced with adult teeth. This process will continue into their early teens.

How Many Teeth Does a Human Have

How Many Teeth are in an Adult’s Mouth?

  • 8 incisors
  • 4 canines
  • 8 premolars (also known as bicuspids)
  • 12 molars (including “wisdom teeth”)

On average, the four wisdom teeth normally appear about age 18. Since many adult mouths are small enough to accommodate them, they’re often removed. Often times, these additional molars may well not fully emerge from the jaw, making them prone to infection or impaction.

There are times when someone may have more than 32 teeth. Actually, only in this year, a 17-year old youth in India had 232 teeth removed in a 7-hour operation! This extreme disease, known as complex odontoma, is fairly uncommon.

By examining your mouth consistently and taking x-rays, a dentist can decide if any teeth ought to be removed for better oral health