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How to Deal with White Spots on Teeth - Dental Health Care Guides
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How to Deal with White Spots on Teeth

The presence of some teeth with white spots can be really disturbing. They can make your smile unattractive. Most white spots are a cosmetic issue but in some cases, they can lead to tooth decay. When you notice them on your teeth, you might wonder why these unappealing spots can appear. There are some causes of white spots. The most common one is dry mouth. A dry mouth does not have adequate saliva to keep the pH level of the mouth. This eventually causes the growth of bacteria that can attack against the teeth, leaving white spots on them. White spots are also caused by acidic foods such as sour fruits, candies, and carbonated drinks. These foods contain acid that can remove the teeth’s enamel. Other causes are poor oral hygiene, using excessive fluoride, using braces and teeth whitening strips, and celiac disease.

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What Causes White Spots on Your Teeth

Because the causes of white spots are quite many, it is recommended to see your dentist get the right diagnosis on what cause the white spots. Accordingly, your dentist will give the most effective treatment to remove the white spots. Common treatments are bleaching, remineralization, and micro-abrasion. Dentists will also ask their patient to improve brushing and flossing because they believe that proper brushing and flossing can eventually remove white spots. Dentists usually recommend using special toothpaste to remineralize the teeth. Your oral hygiene should be given special attention especially if you are wearing braces or other dental appliances.

There are also some home remedies that you can try at home such as oil pulling, green tea, lemon, etc. You can simply make a warm solution with these natural ingredients and use it to swish the entire mouth. Because they are natural home remedies, they can be used several times a day without any harmful side effects. However, it may take a long time to remove white spot on teeth using these methods. The most effective way to have the white spots removed chemically in a dental office.

Prevention is always better than cure. There are some tips prevent white spots appear on your teeth. One of the ways to prevent the presence of white spots is to avoid sugar. Sugar should be excluded in your diet. Sugar and foods which are rich in carbohydrate can make the mouth become highly acidic. Bacteria like to grow in an acidic environment. More acids are produced by these bacteria, giving your white spots in teeth. Therefore, avoid candies, sodas, and other foods and beverages contained high sugar. Honey and maple syrup can be good alternatives to sugar.

Don’t forget to have enough intake of calcium and drink plenty of water. Water help wets your mouth so it does not dry out easily. It also helps clean your mouth and teeth especially after you drink tea, coffee, or soda. Foods to avoid include spicy and salty food. In addition, avoid smoking tobaccos and drink caffeine and alcohol. By doing these preventive actions, you do not need to have your teeth remineralized or treated chemically in the future.