How to Fix an Overbite without Wearing Metal Braces

How to fix overbite – According to some reports, 70% of oral health issues in kids is overbite. Overbite can be corrected by a number of treatments. The most common treatment for correcting overbite is wearing metal braces. However, many people find wearing braces is not comfortable. Therefore, they often seek other alternatives on how to fix an overbite. Before discussing the different treatment options available, let’s learn more first about different types of overbites. This oral disorder comes in two types. They are vertical and horizontal overbites. Vertical overbites are a condition when the top front teeth overlap the teeth on the bottom line. Meanwhile, horizontal overbites happen when the front teeth protrude too much.

over bite treatment how to fix an overbite without wearing metal braces guide

How to Fix Overbite Naturally

Most overbites have something to do with hereditary factors. For example, if parents have overbites, their children are likely to have the same problem. However, it is not the only cause. Poor childhood dental habits can also cause overbites. There are some habits that may contribute to overbites such as nail-biting, thumb-sucking, and pacifier use. If children do these habits in long-term, their jaw may grow unevenly, causing an overbite.

Overbite can cause some oral problems. That is why correcting an overbite is necessary. The most common effects of overbites are difficulty in eating and chewing. You can lose your appetite because of this. Another common problem is speech obstruction, especially when pronouncing ‘th’ sounds. If an overbite is left untreated, it can lead to higher risk of damage to front teeth and soft tissue. Jaw pain, cavities, and gum disease may occur because of overbites. Due to these effects, it is clear that an overbite should be treated. Even when it does not cause any problems right now, it is likely to cause problems in the future. If you do not fancy wearing braces, you can try some other options explained below.

Using clear retainers is the most popular alternative to wearing metal braces. Invisalign is a common product that most people use. Invisalign should be worn full day but it should be removed while eating, drinking, and brushing. When you receive your Invisalign, you will get some pairs of it. Every two weeks, you should change it into a new pair. You do not need to get it changed by your dentist since you can do it yourself after your dentist explains how to that. Invisalign is effective to straighten dental line when the overbite is no severe. However, for overbites with complex dental problems, braces are still the best treatment.

Besides, there are still other treatments such as tooth extraction and surgery. Tooth extraction is usually done when the teeth are overcrowded. Some teeth are extracted so there will be enough space for other teeth to properly shift. However, after the teeth are extracted, patients need to wear braces to help shift the teeth. In a condition when your overbite is skeletal in nature, your dentist may suggest you consider a surgical procedure. This is also called facelift dentistry treatment that aims to reposition the entire jaw.