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How to Give Babies Teething Biscuits

When babies start eating, their teeth will be itchy. They need a relief when they are teething. Teething biscuits can be the solution. Before giving the babies something to eat, you should consider many things. Not all teething snacks are safe for babies at certain ages. You need to be sure that your babies are ready for eating biscuits which belong to solid foods. Giving solid foods for babies who are not ready for them can be dangerous. The foods can choke them and it can cause death.

homemade teething biscuits how to give babies teething biscuits

Teething Biscuits for Babies

Generally, biscuits and other finger foods can be given to babies when they reach eight or nine months old. However, some babies may have developed differently one to another. There are some indicators telling you that the babies are ready. They should be able to control their back, neck, and back. The ability to sit up is another indicator. In addition, babies who are eager to eat when seeing other people are eating is also a sign that they are ready for solid foods. Do not give teething biscuits to babies who are not yet adapted to solid foods.

Once your baby is ready for solid foods, you can introduce her teething snacks or biscuits. There are some benefits of giving your baby biscuits. Biscuits for teething ease the pain of teething. Besides, they dissolve as the baby gums them so they won’t choke the baby. The biscuits are also good to make the jaw stronger. So, what kind of teething biscuits are recommended for babies? Of course, you should choose the ones without high sugar because sugar is not healthy for your baby’s teeth. Second, make sure the biscuits do not crack in pieces. They should dissolve well in the mouth. You can try the biscuits first whether they dissolve or not before giving them to the baby.

Not only should you choose the right biscuits, you also need to supervise the baby when she is eating and snacking with the biscuits. However, do not distract her. Not all babies show interest when they are offering a teething biscuit. If this happens, do not force them to eat. You can try again later. Probably the babies are just not in the mood of snacking because they are sleepy or tired.

There are many kinds of teething biscuits available in the markets but it is always better to make homemade teething biscuit that is free from food additives and preservatives. By making homemade biscuits, you do not need to worry about the ingredients and the nutrients that the baby needs. In addition, it saves you some money. There are many recipes for making biscuits for teething. First, you need to prepare the ingredients. They are a cup of flour, a cup of cereal, and a ripe banana. Many types of flour can be used such as barley or whole-wheat flour while for the cereal, you can use oat cereal or rice cereal that is intended for infants. Start by mixing the flour and cereal. Then, mash the banana with water and olive oil in a bowl. Mix the two kinds of dough. Add cinnamon or vanilla powder to give flavor. Roll the dough and cut into cookies and finally put the cookies into a preheated oven.