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How to Heal Dry Socket Pain

Dry socket occurs after a tooth is removed. It causes so much pain followed by pus coming out from the socket. Women have a higher risk of dry socket than men. It is because of estrogen hormone. Dry socket usually happens a few days after tooth surgery. Dry Socket Pain is so painful that even breathing air and drinking water can be extremely painful. You can have one or more dry sockets in your mouth. Counter meds often do not help. You should go back to the dentist when you have this problem. Although dry socket is a common complication after tooth extraction, an untreated dry socket can lead to more severe oral health problems. Your dentist will first rinse the socket and give antibiotics for the infection.

how to get rid dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction how to heal dry socket pain

How to Relieve Dry Socket Pain

Dry sockets happen because a blood clot gets dislodged, exposing the bone. The presence of blood clot in the socket is important to give protective layer until the socket is filled and completely heal. Not only does it stop bleeding, it also stimulates bone healing. If the blood clot falls out, it will take longer time for the socket to heal which means the pain will be longer too. No one wants to feel the pain. Before you learn how to get rid of dry socket pain, it is good to understand the signs and symptoms.

Some people do not know if they have a dry socket because they think that the pain is just a normal extraction pain. How to tell that the pain is caused by dry socket? The best differentiator is the timing. A normal post-surgery pain peaks and wanes within a day. In the second day, you will get better and the pain will go away. In the case of dry socket, the pain occurs after three to five days after the surgery. Left untreated, it will get worse. Besides the pain around the extraction site, other symptoms include unpleasant mouth taste, bad breath, and earache.

To heal dry socket, the extraction site should be filled with medicated dressings which take over the function of a clot that prevents bleeding. This will also reduce the pain during the healing process. The medicated dressings can be in the form of socket paste or surgical foam. The former is used more often because it can relieve pain immediately. However, socket paste only gives a short term healing. The socket paste pack should be changed more often, then. Surgical foam, a kind of bone graft material, can give long term healing. Therefore, it is more expensive. In addition to packing the socket, antibiotics are given because infection already occurs. If you take the antibiotic as prescribed, pack your socket and change the pack as instructed, and perform after-care surgery well, your condition will improve within a week or even less.

For fast healing process, there are things you should avoid after teeth removal. First, avoid sucking actions that include smoking and drinking from straws. Second, avoid doing rigorous exercise. Third, do not drink hot and carbonated beverages.