How to Prevent and Treat Canker Sore on Lip

One of the painful mouth health problems is a canker sore. Most people must have experienced this problem because it is quite common among children and teenagers. It can happen at any ages, tough. You are suffered from canker sore when you find lesion which looks red and swelling and the sore is very painful. The lesions or ulcers are found inside the mouth mostly on the inside of cheeks and lips but sometimes they also appear on the tongue. Mostly, the ulcers are found on lips.

get-rid-canker-sore-on-outside-of-lip How to Prevent and Treat Canker Sore on Lip

How to Get Rid of Canker Sores on Lip

There is a well-known statement says “Prevention is better than cure.” This saying is totally true. In order to be able to prevent, we should know the cause. Unfortunately, no precise causes are identified. However, doctors and researchers agree that there are some conditions that make a person have a higher possibility of developing a canker sore. A canker sore on inside of lip can be triggered by a number of factors. Mostly it is caused by mouth injury. The injury occurs because of incidentally biting lips. Some people may bite their lips incidentally. This can happen when they are eating or talking in a hurry. Some others do that as a habit. It is indeed not a good habit. It is however not easy to stop doing a thing that has been a habit for years. It does not mean that you can get rid of this habit. You just need to remember the pain of canker sores whenever you bite your lips. It may take a long time to stop incidentally bite your lips. It definitely needs patience and commitment.

The other triggers are improper diet, stress, and the presence of other diseases. It implies that in order to prevent canker sores you must eat healthy foods, consume vitamins and other nutrition, and enough rest. These sound too general but very important to do.

As mentioned before, there are unclear causes why the outbreak of canker sores begin. Somehow, you have tried many ways to prevent the sores to come but they still do. If the prevention fails, don’t lose hope. Remember that the sores can heal in approximately ten days even without any medical treatment. Again, you need patience. How to cope with the pain and discomfort? For your information, there are many things you can do to sooth the pain and relieve the other symptoms. A lot of home remedies are proven to be safe and effective to cure canker sores. You can try salt water, alum paste, tea tree oil, and many more. They are easy to find. Even you may already have them at home.

If the canker sore lip home remedy does not make you feel better, you can buy over-the-counter medicines in nearby drugstores. They provide pain killers and supplements to treat mouth sores. There are cases that mouth sores do not go away after two weeks. This is an abnormal condition because usually mouth sores completely heal less than two weeks. There is probably another disease. So you should seek medical treatment from doctors.