How Much Does Implant Retained Dentures Cost?

The implant retained dentures cost is pretty high compared to standard teeth replacement procedures, but it comes with many advantages. In fact, if we considered the whole process and its longevity, this procedure is worth the money. We will explain what is an implant retained dentures and the whole benefit out of it in this post.

Implant Retained Dentures Benefits

Implant retained dentures is perfect for people who are looking to replace their teeth, especially those who want to replace multiple teeth in upper/lower jaws. The the dental procedure offers many pros, which include:

  1. Secure connection, meaning that it won’t move or budge compared to other dentures procedures. The reason behind this is that the procedure will plant titanium screws in your jawbone, offering a exponentially higher stability compared to the traditional removable dentures.
  2. Since it is much more stable, you have a peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the shift or movement of your dentures while you’re talking to other people.
  3. The dentures looks and it also feels very natural. It doesn’t affect the speech ability or your eating ability. In fact, you can eat steak with ease because it is very strong.
  4. Traditional dentures usually don’t stop the bone loss in your jawbone, while this procedure conserve your jawbone. Moreover, they support your lip and surrounding muscles, preventing accelerated wrinkles.
  5. It is very easy to clean, and regular checkup with your dentist is enough. The dentist will clean them for you every 12-24 months.
  6. The implant-retained dentures are very durable compared to other restorative treatments. Some reports even said that with proper maintenance they could last for more than 25 years!

As we have mentioned earlier, to properly maintain your retained dentures you should give your dentist a visit to clean and replace the female parts inside the implant teeth, which is made from nylon and they wear over time.

Dental Implant construction

Dental Implant construction

Comparison of Implant Retained Dentures Cost

It is true that the implant-retained dentures cost more than traditional dentures. This is caused by the complexity of the whole process and the result that is much better than the traditional dentures, both in terms of the aesthetic aspect and the support aspect. In short, this procedure will give you the closest thing to real teeth.

When we compare the cost, the dental procedure is –in fact –cheaper compared to implant bridges. The implant bridges cost could double the implant retained dentures cost.

The cost you will have to pay depends varies for each person. Normally, it is depended on how much dentures you need and the type of denture. The cost range is from $6000 to $10000 for at least two dentures. The price might differ from one clinic to another. Some clinics offer cheaper service compared to others.

Because this is a fairly expensive procedure, usually there are some clinics that offer free consultation. It would be wise if you can collect several dentist offices numbers and call them to ask about the implant retained denture cost and the payment options available.