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Interdental Brushes for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Most people usually clean the area between teeth by flossing. Cleaning in between teeth and around gums is crucial to keep the mouth healthy. There is another alternative that is considered as more effective and practical than flossing called interdental brushing. Interdental brushes have a tiny head with bristles with a thin handle that is designed in such a way that makes gripping more comfortable. They just look like toothbrushes. Interdental brushes are gently applied to the teeth. They are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing the users to choose the right one that fits between their teeth. Just like toothbrushes, the interdental brushes are designed to be used for many times. When you want to reuse them again, you just need to rinse them. You can buy a new interdental brush when the old one is worn or the wire is damaged. Or, you can just replace the brush head. It is cheaper.

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Interdental Toothbrush Reviews

The brush can be used by anyone. Using an interdental is highly recommended for people who find flossing uncomfortable for example those with limited mobility such as for elderly people and those having joint problems. People with braces also find this brush helpful because it can reach the area around the edges of the brackets. Not only can it helps people with braces, it is also good for people with dentures and other devices. The brush also works effectively for anyone with large gaps between their teeth. The spaces cause receding gums and uneven surface of teeth, making cleaning with flossing does not completely remove food debris and plaque.

As mentioned previously, anyone can use interdental brushes although they do not have certain dental problems. Some people just do not fancy cleaning their teeth by flossing merely because they find it uncomfortable. Brushes, therefore, might be a good idea. It works better than dental floss and it’s also easier to use.

Talking about how to use the brush, it is very easy. For those with large space between teeth, simply insert the brush into the teeth gap. The brush should be placed close to the gum line. Use back-and-forth motion to clean the neighboring tooth surfaces. If you use fixed orthodontic appliances such as braces or dentures, you should clean the teeth and the appliances more often such after a meal, in the morning, and before sleeping.

Depending on your particular (whether you wear orthodontic appliances or not, whether you have large gaps between teeth or not, etc.) it is important to use an interdental brush that is the most suitable for you. There are some designs of interdental brush that you can opt for. The most important thing to consider is the size of the brush head. Make sure the brush can be easily inserted to teeth without strong pressure. Besides it is also important to consider the handle. The handles come in various length. Interdental brushes with long handle are commonly used at home while the ones with a short handle are more suitable for travelling as it is easy to be carried around.