Learning from Rotten Teeth Pictures

What do you feel when looking at rotten teeth pictures? Of course, you do not want your teeth to decay and get rotten like you see in the pictures. No one wants to have rotten teeth. If your teeth are rotten, of course you will feel pain. Not only will you feel pain, you will also get embarrassed. When you see pictures of rotten teeth, you can tell how teeth decay can ruin your physical appearance. If this happens to you, visiting a dentist is the solution because a dental care professional know how to ease the pain and improve your dental health.

Pictures of Children With Rotten Teeth

Dealing with Very Rotten Teeth

The pictures of people with rotten teeth show various conditions of the dental problems. Depending on how serious the problem is, the dentist will suggest a specific treatment to treat the teeth decay. How do rotten teeth happen? Teeth can be rotten when there is destruction of the teeth structure. The damage can spread to other teeth in the mouth. Before the damage gets more severe, it should be treated. There are a number of symptoms that you should notice. First, your tooth becomes black. It starts when cavities becomes black. When you do not take care of the cavity, the bacteria will cause the tooth turns black. It happens because the root of the tooth is damaged. The bacteria already damage the enamel and dentin. There is nothing left to keep the teeth alive and healthy.

Other common symptoms are bad breath, change in tooth size, and loose teeth. The bad smell is caused by the bacteria that keep growing. Change in tooth size means the teeth get thinner as the enamel corrodes. Finally the teeth become loose and fall out. It starts by acid created by bacteria in the mouth that destroys the teeth. At first, the acid make holes, making them black, sensitive, weak, and damaged.

The aforementioned problem is caused mainly by poor dental care. That is why you should brush your teeth properly at least twice a day. Brushing or flossing is very important. It is easy to do but some people just do not realize the importance of brushing teeth. Without brushing or flossing, the particles of the food that get caught between the teeth will stay there and bacteria will grow there causing plaque that leads to rotten teeth. Poor health also influences the oral health. Therefore, keeping the body healthy such as by stop smoking, doing healthy diet,and drinking enough mineral water are important.

Another cause is the lack of saliva in the mouth. This liquid is very important to wash away acids that cause rotten teeth. It is also important to moist the gums, keeping them healthy. Rotten teeth do not only happen to adults and seniors but to children as well. Have you ever seen pictures of rotten teeth in children? It is commonly caused by too much consuming sweeteners. Candy, white bread, and cakes contain much sugar that can decay the teeth. So, start to live healthily and take a proper care to your dental health.

image: medlanddental.com.au