Lingual Braces as a Modern Alternative to Conventional Braces

Lingual Dental Braces – Braces are worn to correct teeth alignment. They are not merely a cosmetic solution but they also solve other oral disorder like malocclusion and bite problems. Conventional braces made of metal or ceramic are considered not attractive that make a person wearing them look unpleasant. Therefore, people seek an alternative to traditional braces such as Invisalign and lingual braces. These braces have the same function as traditional braces. They also use brackets and wires. The differences between these two braces lay on the forms and placement. While conventional braces are applied outside, lingual braces are attached inside the teeth curvature.

lingual braces orthodontist lingual braces as a modern alternative to conventional braces

Lingual Braces Pros and Cons

What people mostly like from lingual braces is their invisibility. No one has to know you are wearing braces. As they are not placed outside, people won’t tell you to wear braces. With these braces, you do not need to deal with the unpleasant look of bulky metal braces that make you unconfident on how you look. Also, because lingual braces cannot be seen, you do not need to worry about how they look when they are stained or discolored. With conventional braces, stains and discolorations can worsen your appearance. On the other hand, everything looks like just normal with a lingual type of braces.

Not only are lingual braces invisible, they are also available in a wide variety of designs and brackets systems so it can solve a particular case. Not all misalignments are similar and not all of them can be solved with a standard design. Depending on how unique is the specific case, lingual bracket systems can be customized to meet your needs with your particular misalignment and malocclusion problem. These braces are available in many popular brands. It allows you to choose the one that matches your budget. Due to the many choices, it will not be difficult to get the one in good quality.

Based on the explanation above that highlights the advantages of lingual braces, it seems that the braces are perfect. However, nothing is perfect. Just like conventional braces that have some downsides, lingual braces also come with some disadvantages. One of the biggest ones is their expensive price. Lingual braces cost higher if you opt for more customization. Besides, just like traditional braces, lingual braces can also be painful once they are fitted in your mouth. You can avoid this initial discomfort. Tongue sore and difficulty in eating and speaking are common. The soreness is not permanent. Once you get used to the braces (usually it takes one to two weeks), you can go back to normal.

Another disadvantage is that the braces are very difficult to clean. It is because the braces cannot be clearly seen so you do not know where the stains are. The only way to clean them is to remove them first from your mouth. But cleaning is still difficult to do because they have more complicated bracket systems and wire than conventional braces. Having them cleaned by professional is the best option but of course, you should spend money for that.