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Molars Teeth in Adults

When do molars come in ? – Every type of teeth has its own function. Front teeth, called incisors, are built to cut and bite food. That is why they are sharp. Canines, the ones flanked the incisors, are meant to grasp and tear food. Premolars, the one located behind canines, function to crush foods. What about molars teeth? These teeth are aimed to grind and chew food. Therefore, they have rounded cusps. These teeth have two to three roots that make them stay in place firmly. They also have a large size and flat surface. Adults have 12 molars and they are found in the back of the mouth.

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Molar Teeth Age

Molars fall into three different types. They are first molars, second molars, and third morals. The last ones are also called as wisdom teeth that will be discussed further later. Permanent first molars normally start to erupt at the age of 6 or 7. Meanwhile, the second molars erupt at the age of 12 to 13. Kids also have both first and second teeth molars but they fall out and are replaced with the permanent ones. The molars located in your lower jaw are called mandibular molars while those in your upper jaw are called maxillary molars. You might have heard these terms from your orthodontist.

There is still another type of molars. They are the third morals. These are known as wisdom teeth. Kids don’t have them. They erupt between late teenage years and the early twenties. However, this varies among individuals. These teeth may erupt later or even do not erupt at all. A few ethnic groups do not have wisdom teeth. Does it mean that these final molars are not important? Well, just like other teething molars, these teeth are meant to chew food. As they are stronger than other molars, they are able to chew harder food. Hundreds of years ago, these teeth might be beneficial when people still chewed very tough food. But today, foods are not that tough that people do not really need wisdom teeth.

You must be wondering why these last morals are called wisdom teeth? It has something to do with what age they come in. The explanation is simple. These teeth erupt when a person is more than 17 years old when he or she is considered to be old enough to have wisdom. Molar teeth should be cleaned thoroughly every day. The cups make food get stuck easily. Their location, which is at the back of the mouth is also difficult to reach. Therefore brushing and flossing are important to do. A regular visit to a dentist is another important thing to do.

For many people, the eruption of wisdom teeth does not cause pain in molar teeth and other problems. But for some people, wisdom teeth may be impacted which means that the teeth do not fully erupt. This condition can be very painful and can lead to some dental problems. If this happens, you should call your dentist. He will give a proper diagnosis and give the right treatment. If necessary, a surgery is taken to extract the impacted wisdom teeth.