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Natural Denture Cleaner: A cheaper and Healthier Option - Dental Health Care Guides
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Natural Denture Cleaner: A cheaper and Healthier Option

Denture cleaning solution is required to soak dentures so they become clean and moist. Anyone wearing dentures should stock denture cleaner so whenever the dentures are removed, they can be directly cleaned. Denture cleaners are widely available in the market so it is very easy to find and buy them. Besides commercial products sold in the market, there also some household products that have similar function, that is to remove germs and stains from dentures. Although these natural cleaners cannot completely replace the use of chemical cleaners, it is really a good idea to combine the natural and chemical cleaners together. Natural denture cleansers are safe and healthy. They are also cheaper and widely available in your surroundings.

How to Clean Dentures Naturally and Make Homemade Denture Cleaner

Natural Denture Cleaner Recipes

One of the effective natural cleanser for dentures is lemon juice. Everyone agrees that this sour fruit has countless benefits for health and beauty. Lemons are known to be very powerful to help lose weight, reduce cholesterol level, make the skin healthier, remove acne, and many more, but not many people know that the fruit can naturally clean dentures. It can function as a good bleaching power that can make your artificial teeth looks white and clean. Using lemon to clean dentures is very easy. You just need to mix lemon juice and warm water. Soak your dentures in the solution for not more than thirty minutes. However, always remember not to allow the dentures to sit for more than half an hour because the sour juice is harsh.

Second, you can use vinegar. This natural ingredient is always available in every kitchen. Vinegar can be used to clean dentures as it can kill germs effectively. To attain best result, it is recommended to use white distilled vinegar. Prepare 250 ml warm water and put 30 ml of vinegar in the water. Vinegar is safe to use. You can soak the dentures overnight in the vinegar solution. What people do not like about vinegar is its unpleasant taste and smell that can cause discomfort. Therefore, always rinse your dentures thoroughly with water until the unpleasant taste disappears.

Another worth trying natural denture cleaner is baking soda. There are at least three advantages of using baking soda to clean dentures. First, it has the ability to loosen stubborn stains. The presence of stains in dentures can distract your smile and confident. Don’t let the stains bother you. Make a mixture of a cup of warm water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your dentures for thirty to an hour. If the stains are very stubborn, you can use gentle toothbrush to brush the stained area. Second, baking soda can eliminate odors. Lastly, it whitens your dentures naturally.

It can be concluded that there are many household products like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. These natural ingredients can be a perfect alternative of chemical dentures cleaning solution. Moreover, they are less expensive. Because they belong to natural products, they are safe to be used meaning that they do not cause any side effects.