Oral B Deep Sweep : Triaction 1000 VS SmartGuide 5000

When it comes to Oral B Deep Sweep line, there are 2 major products offered by this company, namely the Oral B Professional Deep Sweep TriAction 1000 and the Oral B Professional Deep Sweep + SmartGuide 5000.

The first obvious difference between the two products is their selling price. Currently Wall Mart is offering the Oral B professional deep sweep triaction 1000 for $39.97, while the Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep + SmartGuide 5000 is priced at $124. It is true that there is a stellar difference in price, but some say that it’s worth it. Let’s see the difference between the Oral B Deep Sweep 1000 VS Oral B Deep Sweep +SmartGuide 5000, shall we?

Both electric toothbrushes come with a maximum swipe per minute of 8,800. Another common thing between the two is Brushing Pressure Control feature for gentle cleaning, as well as the Daily Clean Mode with 3D Movement, which combines three types of brushing: oscillates, rotates and pulsates. That’s about all of the things common between the Deep Sweep 1000 and 5000.

Oral B Deep Sweep Toothbrush

Oral B Deep Sweep Toothbrush

Oral B Deep Sweep 1000 VS 5000

We’ve talked about the common features, but what makes the Oral B Deep Sweep 5000 has three times the price of the Oral B Deep Sweep 1000? Here are the differences:

One of the most important features that an electric toothbrush should have is a tough battery. The Oral B Deep Sweep 5000 comes with larger battery capacity that allows the user to use the electric toothbrush for about 10 days. On the other hands, the Oral B Deep Sweep 1000 has lesser battery, but the battery life is not something to woo to, because the electric toothbrush can be used for a respectable 7 days.

Perhaps another essential feature that makes the 5000 series is more expensive than the 1000 series is the pulsation rate. For your information, the pulsation per minute of Oral B Deep Sweep 5000 is twice than the Oral B Deep Sweep 1000. This pulsation rate plays a role in the electric toothbrush’s ability to clean the enamel. There’s also the SmartGuide that can display timer, brushing areas and modes you are using.

Other than those essentials differences, there are other advanced differences between the two. All are exceptional features made for specific reasons. Those are:

  • Whitening Mode

This mode is great for those who want to whiten their teeth. It can works as a complementary habit several hours after you use the whitening strips, or you can also use this mode in combination with the whitening toothpaste available on the market. This mode will clean surface stains.

  • Sensitive Mode

It is often that many people with sensitive teeth can’t stand the use of electric toothbrush because they can be quite harsh. However, the Oral B Deep Sweep 5000 provide the sensitive mode with gentle cleaning and lower speed to create a comfortable brushing experience for people with sensitive teeth.

  • Massage Mode

The previous sensitive mode is good to be combined with this mode. The massage mode gives your gum and oral muscles that gentle massage, relaxing them.

  • Deep Clean Mode

For those who are crazy about their teeth cleanliness, Oral B Deep Sweep 5000 also provide the Deep Clean Mode that will give you extra three minutes of extended cleaning experience.