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Oral Typhoid Vaccine forTyphoid Fever Protection

We all know that typhoid is an acute illness. It is so serious that the sufferers can die because of the illness. So what is typhoid? It is a condition when someone get a very high fever caused by bacteria called Salmonella Typhi. The bacteria are found in food or water. When people drink or at water or foods that are contaminated by the bacteria, they will get typhoid fever. People who are infected do not always feel the symptoms of this disease. These people who do not appear to be sick, are called carriers which spread the disease to others by close contact. This disease can be either common or rare in certain countries and area. In countries with good water and waste system, it can be very rare. However in some other countries and remote area where the water and sewage disposal is poor, typhoid can be quite common.

Oral Typhoid Vaccine Package Insert Oral Typhoid Vaccine forTyphoid Fever Protection

So, if you are travelling to developing countries that lack sanitation such as Nigeria or India, it is recommended to take oral typhoid vaccine that can protect you from typhoid fever. However, it does not give you 100% guarantee that you won’t be infected. Although you have taken typhoid vaccine, you need to avoid infected water, food, and people that might be infected. Besides, always perform proper hygiene in the place where you stay. The vaccine dosing schedule which consists of four doses needs to be complete one week prior the travelling. For people who do regular visit to areas where sanitation and portable water supply are an issue, the dose of the vaccine should be repeated every five years. The oral typhoid vaccine cost is around $80.00. It sounds expensive, but your health is more priceless.

Oral Typhoid Fever Vaccine Side Effects

Just like other medicines, typhoid vaccine can cause some side effects. Oral typhoid vaccine side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, mild skin itchy rash, and others. Fortunately, they are just unserious side effects so you do not need to be worried. However, a few people might be allergic to this drug. So, it is important to let your doctor know about your condition so the doctor can give the right prescription. In case signs of allergy occurs, soon ask for a medical help.

Prevention is always better than a cure. As the vaccine does not guarantee complete protection, doing some prevention is better. First, when you are travelling to places where the risk of being infected to typhoid is high, frequently wash your hand especially after using toilets and before having meal. Do not forget to use soap and hot water. If it is difficult to find hot clean water, you can use hand sanitizer. Hand-washing is the easiest way to avoid typhoid infection. Second, never drink untreated water because the water might be contaminated with germs causing typhoid fever. It is recommended to drink bottled water. Not only it is suggested to use bottled water for drinking, use it also for tooth brushing. In addition, avoid buying food from street vendors and raw vegetables and fruits because they are likely to be contaminated.