Problems about Erupted Tooth

Tooth eruption is a part of teeth development stages. It can happen normally but sometimes there are problems that come along with the erupted tooth. Before knowing what problems that might happen it is better to know the process of normal tooth eruption or teething. There are two types of tooth eruption namely temporary and permanent eruption. Temporary eruption happens to children. There 20 temporary teeth. These teeth are also called milk teeth, the teeth that begin to erupt when children reach the age of six. When babies start teething, they might feel itchy on the gums where the teeth appear. The first teeth that erupt are incisors. All of the temporary teeth completely fall out at the age of 12. Meanwhile, the 28 permanent teeth appear between 7 and 13 years of age and wisdom teeth appear in adulthood.

tooth-eruption-pictures Problems about Erupted Tooth

First Tooth Eruption

Girls commonly perform faster dental development compared to boys. In some cases, the eruption can be delayed. The delay is caused by a number of factors such as genetic origin, systemic diseases, malformations, and infection. The delay is called as the late dental eruption. This usually happens to permanent teeth and less common in temporary teeth. Actually, most late teeth eruptions do not cause serious clinical effect. You can tell that you have late erupted teeth when the primary teeth have not erupted beyond six months. Meanwhile, permanent teeth are late to erupt when the eruption does not yet occur after a year.

Besides the delay, there are some other problems dealing with teeth eruption. Dental movement is one of them. It occurs in permanent teeth eruption when there is abnormal eruption path. Early loss of milk teeth is the prelude to this problem. If you have this problem you must let your dentist know so that prompt supervision can be done in order to prevent serious consequences. Your dentist will take a panoramic radiograph to examine the teeth clinically.

The next problem that might happen is blocked morals. It happens when temporary teeth block the eruption of particular permanent teeth. When this happens, you will find it difficult to clean the teeth thus increasing the risk of temporary teeth loss. Again, a panoramic radiograph is taken to further diagnose the problem and decide the treatment. Impacted teeth are another problem that is quite common to happen. This is the condition where certain teeth (usually wisdom teeth) fail to come out as they are blocked. Narrow jaws that do not provide enough space for the teeth to come out become the main cause of impacted teeth.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that teeth eruption can either happen normally or abnormally. Examples of abnormal teeth eruptions include late eruption, block morals, dental movement, and impacted teeth. The aforementioned problems require dentistry treatment in order to be further supervised, diagnosed, and cured. Therefore, do not reluctant to see a dentist when anything happens to your teeth during teeth eruption. Early supervision and treatment will minimize the likelihood of further consequences.