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Procedures of Overbite surgery - Dental Health Care Guides
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Procedures of Overbite surgery

Surgery to fix overbite – Overbites are not merely an aesthetic issue but they can cause some other problems related to oral health. Braces are considered as the most necessary treatment to correct teeth misalignment including an overbite. However, in some cases, braces cannot solve the problem. Braces work effectively when the teeth are only crooked. But when the jaws are also not in proper alignment, it needs more than braces to correct the bite. A highly severe overbite can also be treated with an overbite surgery that is called jaw surgery. You should consult your dentist to discuss whether a jaw surgery is a right option for you. It is important to every patient to know in details about the certain treatment they will do including the procedure, follow-up care, and cost.

corrective jaw surgery for overbite procedures of overbite surgery guide

Overbite Correction Surgery

Before taking a surgery, your orthodontist will attach orthodontic braces to be worn for a certain period of time. The braces help move the teeth into a new alignment. Soon prior to the corrective jaw surgery, your orthodontist will use X-rays to check your current teeth and jaw position. Then your initial braces will be removed. An overbite jaw surgery generally lasts for one to three hours to complete depending on the complexity of the case. During the process, your oral surgeon will reshape your jaw bone. Adding or taking away the bone is performed as necessary to achieve the best new position. Surgical tools like rubber bands, wires, and screws will be used by the oral surgeon to perform the jaw surgery.

You don’t need to worry that the surgery will leave visible scars because the surgery uses modern technology to minimize visible scarring. In this procedure, a tiny incision inside the mouth is made. In some cases, incisions outside the mouth are made but your oral surgeon will try to minimize the appearance. The surgery will be conducted under general anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain during the surgery.

The recovery generally lasts about four to six weeks. If you want to recover quickly, you have to stick to a diet change and oral hygiene program. You need to take a rest from school or work as well for about one to two weeks. Although you have recovered from the surgery, it does not mean that your jaws have been fully healed as it usually takes several ones to a year for your new aligned jaws to feel to completely heal. You should visit your orthodontist regularly during the recovery to get your jaws checked.

What about the overbite jaw surgery cost? Patients without health insurance should pay around $20,000- $40,000. It is all in one cost meaning that the cost already includes initial consultations, clinic facility and materials fee, post-surgery care, and surgeon’s fee. The cost is also influenced by where you do the surgery. In big cities, the cost can be much higher. It is better to discuss the payment at the first visit to the dental office.