Q&A: Dental Implant Healing Time

QUESTION: Since I am considering getting dental implants, I wanted to understand what the typical recovery time was? What type of downtime could I expect will I have to take work off and will there be lots of pain? And how long before I could eat without any pain?

Answer from Randall LaFrom, DDS. San Jose Cosmetic Dentist:
This changes from individual to person and from one process to the next. Nevertheless, in case you recover fast from cuts and are overall in good health, quicker healing could be expected by you. Younger folks with good nourishment and who take an antibiotic prior to treatment, an anti-inflammatory like Advil, and Vitamin C before and after would probably have a faster healing than would an elderly person who is a diabetic and smokes and has poor circulation. Maybe it’s a day, it may take two weeks, on average it is a couple day.

Answer from Lance Timmerman, DMD. Seattle Cosmetic Dentist:
Depending on any adjunctive operations and the instance, how many puts, one could say that there may be almost zero downtime. Many have noted that having fillings set was less comfortable than dental implants.

If one implant is put in a location with sufficient bone (no grafting wanted, etc), then you might be in a position to get it done on a lunch break with no time off. But if a block grafting or sinus lift was necessary, it would be different. therefore, it really is dependent.

Dental Implant Healing Time

Dental Implant Healing Time Procedure

Healing from dental implants is a multistage procedure. The first healing time for dental healing from dental implant operation is extremely brief – you’ll be feeling better and able enough to go back to work within just a couple of days. The next period of recuperation, during can take several months, yet this period of healing and recovery may have almost no effect in your normal lifestyle.

Things to Anticipate Instantly After Dental Implant Operation

Dr. Emery and Dr. Ryan put dental implants under either local anesthetic or IV sedation.

Your mental state is likely to be unaffected, although a local anesthetic will most likely make your mouth feeling numb to get several hours following the process.

IV sedation gets you right into a comfortable, drowsy state, during which you will not feel any pain. In the event that you select this kind of anesthesia, you may continue to feel drowsy for several hours following the implant process that is proper. You may have to refrain from driving or using machines in this period.

After getting dental implants set, you need to probably expect to rest to get the full day. You will need to take painkillers like Tylenol or ibuprofen to alleviate pain. Through the very first 24 hours, you may have bleeding, which is often controlled by biting down on gauze.

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