Reason for Removing Permanent Retainer

Permanent Teeth Retainer – When your braces are finally removed, after you wear them for months even years you might think that you would be free from any dental appliances anymore. However, a bonded device, called a permanent retainer needs to be worn after braces are removed to prevent the teeth move back to their incorrect positions. The retainer is attached to the back of your teeth preventing the teeth from drifting. It helps hold the teeth in their new position after the braces go away. For your information, a month after braces are removed, there is a high risk of relapse. Therefore, wearing a retainer is important. It should be worn until your teeth position stable. The retention usually takes as long as you wear your braces.

reason for removing permanent retainer permanent vs removable retainer

Permanent Dental Retainer

Actually, there is removable retainer that you can use but the permanent one is more popular as it gives a faster result. People are often satisfied with the end result as they see their teeth have a perfect alignment. It can really do a good job in retaining teeth. Besides, they do not need to take it off when eating, brushing, and sleeping.

In some cases, permanent retainers need to be removed sooner that they should be. There are some reasons for fixed retainer removal. The first one is damage to the retainer. A retainer is not the only dental appliance that can get damaged. Almost all dental appliances can get damaged. There are numerous reasons why this could happen, commonly because of mouth injury or hard foods. These make the wires broken. You might not realize the damage until your teeth move out of position. It happens because they are no longer bounded by the appliance. When it happens, your retainer should be removed. In order to prevent this to happen, you should do regular dental checkups so any problems related to your retainer can be known earlier.

Calculus or tartar can build up around your retainer. It is another reason why the retainer should be removed. This hardened dental plaque can damage not only your teeth but also gums. To avoid this problem, keeping the teeth and mouth clean is very crucial when wearing a permanent retainer. The presence of calculus can also cause other problems such as bad breath and gums sore that lead to pain in the mouth. There are mouth rinsing products that can relieve the sore quickly but if the pain is severe and continual, retainer removal might be a better decision.

If you have worn a permanent retainer for a long time, your orthodontist may advise you to have it removed. A dental drill is used to remove bonding cement, eventually removing the retainer. After the removal, he will clean and polish the teeth surface. He will suggest you to wear a removable retainer to be used only at night. You will not know how long you should wear a dental appliance unless you speak to your orthodontist. That is why a regular dental visit is very important if you wear any dental devices including a retainer.