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Snap in Dentures for More Stable Dentures

There is a condition when some or even all of the teeth should be taken out. It can be because of diseases or accident. Whatever the reasons are, tooth loss always make the sufferer devastated. The condition does not only break their confidence but it also causes difficulty in chewing and speaking. There are, fortunately, some ways to get rid of the problem. You can wear dentures or dental implants. Both options offer you the new artificial teeth that look like and function the same as original teeth. For temporary solution, you can go for dentures. If you want permanent teeth, dental implant is the option. Both choices are safe as long as you get the treatment from experienced dentist or prosthodontist with the right procedures.

Many people often choose dentures over dental implant because dental implant is more expensive. However, people with regular dentures often have a problem with the teeth slide around especially when eating and speaking. Of course, this condition causes discomfort. Because dentures are likely to break and loose, getting the dentures snapped in the palates is the solution for this problem. There are some reasons why people consider the snap in dentures. Compared to regular dentures, snap on dentures are more secure and steady. Before the snap on dentures are fitted, mini implants need to be placed in jawbone. You do not be worried that it will move or wiggle when eating sandwich or apples since your dentures are securely held.

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In addition to the steadiness, unlike regular dentures, the snap on dentures do not cause significant discomfort. People often feel not comfortable with adhesive or glue that comes with traditional dentures. The snap on type uses an O-ring device so you won’t be bothered with the glue or adhesive. Moreover, while having regular dentures can take several weeks for healing time, the snap on dentures take only three days and even less. It means that you do not need to wait for a long time to enjoy foods that you like.

Snap on dentures, also called as mini dental implants (MDI) can be applied for both upper and lower palates. You should consult your dentist to decide the procedure that will be taken and the maintenance that should be done. Snap in dentures, although the teeth are artificial, definitely need maintenance just like original teeth do. If you don’t take care of the dentures, some problems will occur. At least, you have to perform daily cleaning such as brushing and flossing.

In addition, meeting the dentist regularly is a must. The maintenance is crucial because it prevent the gum tissue from being infected. Once it is infected, the dental implant will be likely to be unsuccessful and it will also destroy your oral health. That is why regular and proper care of your dentures is essential so that you can smile confidently and comfortably. You will not be afraid to speak and laugh in public anymore. With proper care, your dentures can last for more than ten years.