The Importance of Pimple on Gums Treatment

One of the signs that you have mouth sore is the appearance of a pimple on gum in mouth. There can be more than one pimple that is so irritating. Perhaps many people think that the pimples are not serious as they may think the pimples are just temporary like when they have acne on their face. However, if the pimples are not treated, the problem can get more serious and the treatment will take longer time. The pimples are formed on the area that is hurt or irritated. Bacteria that develop in the mouth worsen the condition, making the pimples more painful and swollen. When the pimples are filled with pus, they are called as an abscess.

treatment-for-pimple-on-gum The Importance of Pimple on Gums Treatment

A Pimple on the Gums Treatment

In order to know what you should do to overcome the abscess, it is better to understand everything about abscesses. They usually form a couple of days after the gum is infected. They are also known as a periodontal abscess. How are they formed? A gum abscess begins when there is an infection on the gum caused by food that is trapped between tooth and gum. It invites bacteria to grow in the infected gum. What happen when the abscess is not treated right away? Of course, the infection won’t heal. It will stay in the mouth for several months even for years. For few people, the abscesses cause little pain that they think that they are just canker sores. That is why they ignore the symptoms and do not look for treatment right away. For your information, abscesses can’t heal on its own. You need to take some treatment to make the abscesses go away.

Late treatment can lead to damage to the nearby area. The infection can spread to the surrounding teeth and bone. There will be more abscesses in the area. Pus will form and comes from the abscesses. This may cause a strange taste that definitely makes you uncomfortable. The pain of an abscess can be relieved by draining the pus. However, it does not heal the infection. It will keep going until it is treated.

An untreated abscess can also form a cyst located in the jaw bone. This is a dangerous condition because there is a chance that the cyst comes out and causes nerve damage. When this happens, the only way to treat it is to remove the infected nerve. However, this treatment does not always heal the cyst. The more effective treatment is to remove the cyst by doing surgery. The worst thing is, although it is rare, the infection can spread to other areas of the body, causing more serious health problems.

From the overview above, it can be understood that gum abscesses really need treatments and the symptoms should not be ignored. Right after you feel the symptoms, you should make an appointment with your dentist. Antibiotics and painkillers will be given by the dentist. Meanwhile, you can combine home remedies with the medical treatment. The salt-water solution is known as the most effective remedy for curing any mouth sores including abscesses. It can help drawing out the pus and reduce the pain.