The Popularity of Teething Necklace for Mom

Bead necklaces for baby teething are very popular nowadays. They are available in many stores from baby shops to jewelry shops. The prices vary. Branded designer teething necklaces can be expensive. Usually teething necklaces are bought as a baby shower gift for moms. Teething necklace for mom is available in various designs and materials. Amber is the most popular material for teething bead necklace for mom. Amber is formed by the resin of tress that was exuded by tress about fifty million years ago. It is claimed to have healing properties. Amber itself also falls into some categories. Among them, Baltic Amber seems to be one of the well-known ones. It is named Baltic Amber because it is found in the Baltic Sea. Baltic Amber is believed by many people to have enough amount of healing element named succinite so it can be used to ease teething syndrome for babies.


Best Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear

Baby teething necklaces for mom are worn against the baby skin. The warmth of the baby skin absorbs succinite, the healing element in the amber. It can ease pain and reduce inflammation and irritability. In other words, it has similar function as analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Besides, it helps babies to have better sleep. They will look happier and calmer.

However, some people think that’s just a myth as no research proves the benefits of the

mom necklace for baby teething

. Of course there are more people who believe that amber necklaces are really helpful. The belief has been existed since the ancient times. Meanwhile, some others think that it is just a hype that is made to attract customers. Actually, succinite is a true healing element and has been used in medical world for long time. However it is not known yet whether the healing element can be absorbed by baby skin. Regardless whether it is just hype or not, the product keeps becoming the favorite gift for baby shower.

Are amber necklaces safe? Well, it depends on how they are used. As long as they are worn under supervision by appropriate-aged babies, there should not be problems. Therefore, it is important to realize and know the dangers of baby wearing amber necklaces. There are some points that parents should pay attention. First, keep in mind that amber beads are not to be chewed. Second, make sure to tuck the necklace under clothing. Third, do not let a toddler under 3 years old wear the necklace because the beads could be a choking hazard.

There will be always chances for babies accidentally swallowing the beads. When this happens, do not panic. Amber beads contain no toxic. Besides, they have small sizes so when they are swallowed they can pass through the system. If you plan to buy an amber bead necklace, there are many things to consider regarding the safety. First, make sure you buy only the real amber. Second, choose a short necklace with small beads. Always watch your child when he or she is wearing the necklace.