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Tongue Canker Sore: Causes and Treatments

Tongue Canker Sore – If there are round shallow white ulcers with a red border in your mouth especially on your tongue, you may be suffered from canker sores on the tongue. It may be not a serious problem from some people but the sores are so painful that you will find it uncomfortable to eat and talk and even just to try to open the mouth. This problem can happen to anyone especially when they are still teens or young adults. People can have canker sores many times in their lives while others have them not that often. A canker sore is actually a common problem but the causes are still unknown. Even so, there are some factors or condition that can make the sores easy to develop.

When you are stressed or physically tired, you are more likely to have the sores. For women, a menstrual cycle is also a condition where canker sores can develop easier than in normal condition. Eating habits can also trigger the sores. What is meant by eating habits here is inadequate intake of minerals, vitamins especially vitamin B-12, not enough nutrition, and too many acidic fruits. Those who are allergic to certain foods are also prone to these mouth problems. Another contributing factor is the use of teeth braces and lip biting habit.

tongue canker sore

How To Get Rid of Canker Sores on Your Tongue

As mentioned above, a canker sore is not a serious problem as it is not contagious. In addition, it gets better on its own without you go to see a doctor. Unlike herpes, it does not leave scars after it has healed. The sore will be very painful for the first 5 to 7 days then they completely heal for a couple of weeks. However, some conditions can be more severe that they may need more than one month to heal. These conditions are called major canker sores.

As the sores heal on their own, seeing a doctor is an option. You can try some remedies to alleviate the pain caused by your canker sores. First, pay attention to what you eat. Avoid hard foods, acidic or sour fruits, spicy and salty foods. Soft foods like cream soup and porridge are good ideas as they are easy to swallow. In addition to bland foods, cold fluids are also helpful to reduce the pain. Make sure you don’t touch the sores as it can slow the healing process and, of course, the sore will be more painful. In order to reduce the pain, you can use salt water. It is very effective to lessen the pain. Prepare a glass of warm water and dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Use the solution to rinse your mouth.

If the home remedies above do not really work, you can simply buy pain reliever from drugstores. There are even a number of over-the-countered medicines that are specifically used to treatment for canker sores on tongue that you can buy such as Anbesol and Orabase. If the sores do not go away after a week, it is time to visit a doctor. He or she may give you more effective medicines that can relieve the pain faster.

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